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Burns Recovered offers a coloring book and two compelling DVD's for fire service agencies and medical professionals to use to instruct children and adults.


DVD It Could Happen to You

"It Could Happen to You" is an interview with three teenage boys, who were each involved in a different juvenile fire setting incident. Each boy tells his own story, including the pain and suffering he has experienced. The teens talk openly about their recovery and what it was like to rebuild their lives. Medical information about each boy's individual injuries and treatments is documented. This video is intended for children ages 9 and older.

Price: $25.00

DVD The True Cost

"The True Cost" documents the lives of a mother, firefighter, and medical professional, who were directly involved in a juvenile fire setting incident. These first hand accounts are very moving and provocative. This video is intended for parents and community members who want to learn more about juvenile fire setting and how to prevent it.

Price: $20

Coloring Book Magical Smile

Burns Recovered is proud to present The Magical Smile. The Magical Smile is an excellent tool to help burn patients on the road to recovery. While there are many physical hurdles to cross, there are also many emotional hurdles that lie on this path. "The Magical Smile" is a coloring book for children burn survivors. Janet Creason, the author was a burn survivor of an injury received as a child. This charming book is easy to read and has wonderful pictures to color.

Price: $3.00