Burn Camp

burn-camp_headerburn campBurns Recovered Support Group provides a special and unforgettable summer camp experience – available for children and teenagers who have experienced injuries from burns.

At Missouri Children’s Burn Camp, campers enjoy swimming, boating, crafts, archery and many other outdoor activities.  It is a supportive environment where young burn survivors spend a week with others who have also experienced burn injuries.  Fun is the focus and friendships form quickly.  Burn Camp provides campers with some of the best friends they will ever make.  After camp, the children will continue on with their lives, but it will be different – they will have new friends and realize they are not the only one with a burn injury.

Burn campSince all the children are survivors of burns, everyone has scars on the outside.  Campers learn that they are not defined by their “wrapping paper”.  Emphasis is placed on the person on the inside, not the scars on the outside.

Camp has a positive effect on the child’s attitude and self-image. It’s a chance to have fun and be part of a group.  Campers are given a “can do” message and have the opportunity to create Fun, Friends and Memories that will last a life-time.

Missouri Children’s Burn Camp was founded in 1997.  There is no charge to any camper for participation in this program.  Burns Recovered Support Group sponsors all the children interested in attending camp.  Transportation is available from St. Louis, Columbia, Springfield and Kansas City.

Burn campMissouri Children’s Burn Camp is for any child, 6-17, who has been hospitalized for burns.  Children must have been hospitalized in or be a current resident of the state of Missouri or Kansas.  A severe burn injury is considered to be one that required at least four (4) days in a burn center or affects the face, head, hands or feet.  If your child does not meet our eligibility requirements, his/her application will considered on an individual basis.  Enrollment is subject to medical approval.

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