Midwest Children’s Burn Camp (MCBC)

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MCBC celebrates 20 years of excellence in creating unforgettable camp experiences for children who have survived serious burn injuries.

Campers need your support today to attend this adventure of a lifetime where they discover that who they are on the inside is much more valuable than the scars they see on the outside.  Sponsor a child’s attendance at MCBC and you can give the gift of hope so these kids can transform from burn victims into burn survivors!  Click on the Donate Now link to support camp.

At Midwest Children’s Burn Camp (MCBC), campers enjoy adventures including zip-lining, kayaking, canoeing, water-tubing, archery, crafts, and even a 110 foot water slide into the lake.  And lots of dancing and celebrating!  MCBC offers a safe and supportive environment where young burn survivors spend a week with others who have also experienced the trauma of burn injuries.  Fun is the focus and friendships form quickly.  Burn Camp provides campers with life-long friends to share their journeys with as they get back to living.

Since all campers at this unique camp are survivors of burns, everyone has scars on the outside.  Campers learn they are not defined by their “wrapping paper”.  Emphasis focuses on the beautiful person on the inside, not the scars on the outside.  Campers learn a “can do” attitude and experience Fun, Friends and Memories that  last a life-time.

Camp positvely impacts each child’s attitude and self-image. It’s a chance to have fun without the staring and questions that are too common for burn survivors.  “At camp I can put on my swim-suit and not worry about having to answer questions from strangers or re-live my accident.”    Campers and counselors explain, “One week of burn camp does more than years of therapy!”

MCBC was founded in 1997 by Gary and Linda Hansen.  Campers attend at no charge thanks to generous community support.  Free transportation to camp is provided from St. Louis, Columbia, Springfield and Kansas City.

MCBC is for children, ages six to 17, who have been hospitalized for severe burns.  Most children have been hospitalized in Missouri.  Will consider children who are current residents of Missouri, Kansas and Illinois.  Severe burn injuries are considered burns that required at least four (4) days in a burn center, and/or affects the face, head, hands or feet.  Attendance is subject to medical approval.  *If your child does not meet these eligibility requirements, his/her application can be considered on an individual basis.

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