Wonderful Wednesday at MCBC

The sun shone brightly as the Mustang girls of G5 raised the flag this morning.

Everyone “oohed” and “ahhed” as Uncle Larry held up the Book of Larry and blew the dust off. Today’s words of wisdom came from Dr. Suess: “Why fit in, when you were born to stand out.”

Mustangs and Stallions got to go tubing today- one of the favorite activities at camp. Campers Serenity and Jaclyn got up on their knees and sang and danced to energizer songs such as “The World’s Greatest.” The bravest campers requested a “spicy” ride from their boat driver and held on as tight as they could.

The Pony campers had a blast at arts and crafts. They got to tie dye shirts and then created posters listing their favorite things about camp!

Mustang and Stallion campers took on low ropes today. Camper Karli climbed the rock wall so fast, she was almost to the top before we knew it! Camper Alex attempted everything he could at the Fifth Element. By the end he was walking across the suspended stepping stone bridge so fast, he was practically running! Camper Isaiah persevered and made it all the way up the rock wall.

Stallions had a chance to go on the giant water slide and funyaks. As they shot out down the slide, they tried to pose for the camera and see just how far they could shoot out into the water.

At evening flagpole, campers and counselors shared times when uniqueness was celebrated throughout the day. The girls of G5 made a three person pyramid on the tube with the person on top standing up- all while the tube was going! Cecelia celebrated making it to the top of the pegs at high ropes, and Draven and Gagie celebrated their uniqueness by wearing fun costumes throughout the day.

Thank you to B’nai B’rith International of St. Louis Missouri for providing adorable and cuddly teddy bears for our campers at Midwest Children’s Burn Camp.

For evening activity, we had a Trick or Treat EXTRAVAGANZA! Campers were split into five groups- the Walking Zombies, Galloping Ghosts, Wicked Witches, Sunset Vampires and Beastly Bats. Campers got to visit D-Rod’s boot camp to get ready for camp, do some yoga with Heather and Pickle to wind down from a day full of fun activities and play spooky hoops ring toss with Marco. Campers rehydrated at the infirmary with Jim where they got to suck on ice cubes made out of Gatorade while singing Jingle Bells and Row, Row, Row Your Boat. At Inspiration Point, Mykie and Lo led the group in karaoke and of course our new MCBC song!

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