Tremendous Thursday at MCBC

We started the day off by doing flagpole in the dining hall because a little liquid sunshine decided to come down out of the sky.

The girls of cabin G4 were flexible and raised the flag on our indoor flgpole (aka Axe and Pickle).

The quote of the day is: “Sometimes just a little compliment can make someone’s day.”

Everyone was super cozy as we munched on waffles and cereal because it was pajama breakfast. The Flash and a crazy cat lady were just some of the characters who joined us in their pjs for our meal.

The rain cleared up for our morning activities, which made some Mustangs campers very happy because they had tubing! Top Chef went on in the pavilion. The girls of G5 and the boys of B4 worked in teams to create entrees and dessert for the judges. The girls created Entree: “Easy as Fry” for an entree and “Fruit drizzle my nizzle!” for dessert. The girls took home the entree round while the boys won the dessert round.

Volunteers from the University of Missouri Raptor Rehabilitation Project brought four birds of prey for the campers to meet. The Raptor Rehabilitation Project rehabilitates and releases birds of prey back into the wild. Campers got to see a beautiful owl up close and were impressed with the wingspan of the other birds. Campers loved meeting Grim, the turkey vulture!

While fishing this afternoon, camper Lei Lei caught a 16 inch smallmouth bass- the biggest Tim said he had ever seen caught at MCBC!

At flagpole, campers had lots of compliments to recount from throughout the day.

Steven climbed the cargo net not only blindfolded, but with his feet tied together. Will climbed to the top of the rock wall blindfolded with Jordan acting as his guide. Two pony girls rocked it in the pool today with Meili earning her yellow swim bracelet and Lilli earning her green swim bracelet.

Cecelia and Issy both got on their knees while tubing and Serenity, Jane and Jaclyn were able to stand up while tubing. Gabe was super brave and not only got into the pool but also tried kayaking with his counselors and cabinmate Mike cheering him on. Chance overcame his fear of heights and tried the Fifth Element at high ropes for the first time. The Stallions who spent their rest hour working on constructing the pergola for camp got a shout out from counselor Chloe.

Camper Kaleigh complimented her counselors and said, “Our counselors were pushing us forward to do our best all day. Whether we fail or succeed, they’re always saying stuff to make us feel good.”

At the pool party we had a hula hoop contest with campers Cam and Lei Lei winning the first heats and Lei Lei winning it all. So many campers jumped, splashed and canon balled their way into the pool for the the Big Splash Contest. Stallion camper Jordan won that with an epic splash!

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