Terrific Tuesday at MCBC

This morning, we started off our first full day of MCBC at flagpole. The boys of B2 raised the flag for camp.

The quote of the day is “Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and twice as beautiful as you’d ever imagined.”

Campers reflected on the quote throughout the day and shared stories at evening flagpole about how they demonstrated the quote throughout the day.

In the morning, the Mustangs and Pony campers headed over to low ropes. The Stallion campers had their chance to try low ropes in the afternoon. There, they worked as a team to complete different activities.

In one challenge, campers had to swing on a rope, without spilling the glass of water they were holding. In another challenge, campers tried to balance on a small wooden box as a group for long enough to sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”

At Top Chef, the Stallions created entree and dessert courses over a campfire with the ingredients allotted to them. They came up with creative dishes such as “camp goulash” for entree round and fondue with cut up pieces of fruit and melted chocolate for dessert. After the food was tasted by the judges, campers enjoyed the feast they created and shared it with their counselors.

Every year, the oldest Stallion campers create a project to give back to camp in some way. Today they started working together to turn wooden boards and nails into a pergola by the ropes course. The seniors worked hard as a team to move boards into place this afternoon and will continue to work on their special project throughout the week.

At evening flagpole, campers and counselors shared stories of how they saw the quote of the day embodied throughout the day at camp.

At flagpole, we reflected on “beautiful moments” of the day like when Susana came down to low ropes and danced Jai Ho with the Stallions. Pickle spoke with pride describing how all the Pony campers were brave enough to go tubing in the lake. Way to go Ponies! Camper Isaiah talked about how the Mustangs came together to work through a challenging element at low ropes. Pochontas talked about how a camper found a completely ew way to get through the tire at low ropes that no one had ever seen before.

Everyone got to eat dinner outside for our annual MCBC cookout! The Ponies and Mustangs had a Carnival night with lots of fun games. There were tons of wonderful Halloween costumes donated by Variety Peaceable Kingdom that the campers got to dress up in. They played games like giant Jenga, ringtoss with hula hoops and got glitter tattoos.

The Stallions headed up to Masada for their cookout and an evening program of Survivor. They learned how to use charcoal to filter water and about edible plants in the wilderness.

A big thank you to Ginger Bay Salon & Spa for providing personal care items such as shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soap and toothpaste for our campers at Midwest Children’s Burn Camp this week!

Another big thank you to Lake Area Firefighters, Local 3987 for the cool new sunglasses with lenses in shades of blue, green, yellow, orange and pink. Campers are sporting their new shades, ready for fun in the sun!

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