Marvelous Monday at MCBC

“I’m home now.”

This simple phrase was uttered by a returning camper as she stepped off the bus at camp and MCBC summer 2017 officially began.

Counselors spent the morning creating signs to welcome back all age groups at camp- the Ponies, Mustangs and Stallions. When we heard the bus tires crunch down the gravel driveways, everyone headed outside with the signs to cheer our amazing MCBC campers into camp.

Inside the dining hall old friends hugs and high fives abounded as old and new friends greeted one another.

A big thank you to Gravois Fire Protection District for coming out and unloading campers’ luggage at their cabins!

After unpacking in the afternoon, campers took their swim tests in the pool.

Camper Charlie worked with an A-team lifeguard on her treading water skills until she was able to tread water for a whole minute, in addition to swimming a lap in the pool and passed her swim test. It was the first time Charlie achieved a green bracelet for the pool at MCBC. Way to go!

Then participated in other fun activities such as archery, arts and crafts, the water slide and funyaking. Everyone is super excited for a full day of activities at MCBC tomorrow!

At flag pole, campers were treated to a a special Honor Guard flag ceremony thanks to Lake Ozark Fire Protection District led by counselor Mudsak CIT coordinator Axe.

After a yummy dinner, everyone enjoyed playing get-to-know-you-games. First, we tried to pass the phrase “spooky kooky” around a circle made up of all the campers and counselors as fast as we could. We got it down to 50 seconds! We also tried to defy gravity by seeing how long we could keep a balloon up in the air with our hands, and then without any hands and even while laying on our backs.

We headed down with our cabins to Inspiration Point for our Opening Campfire where all MCBC and A-team staff introduced themselves to campers. We sang our new MCBC song to the tune of “Can’t Stop the Feeling” and laughed as counselors entertained us with silly skits.

As the full moon rose overhead, we headed back to our cabins for a good night’s rest.

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