Fabulous Friday at MCBC

This morning, the boys of B4 raised the flagpole at the start of our fabulous Friday at MCBC.

Today’s quote of the day is “Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”

Friday was visitor’s day at MCBC, and we had so much to be grateful for with all of our wonderful alumni campers, donors, sponsors and family members joining us for our Very Merry Unbirthday Lunch. What a treat!

A big thank you to the AT&T Pioneers who brought special gifts for each and every camper. Our campers were so excited to open their birthday presents! The younger Mustang boys were so excited to dig into their Lego sets at rest hour.

Thank you Kohl’s Care for your time, donations and coming out to Midwest Children’s Burn Camp for our very merry unbirthday lunch! We had so much fun meeting you!

Thank you Bethany Westlake from Mercy St. Louis Burn Unit for coming out to visit us at our very merry unbirthday lunch!

Thank you Gravois Fire Protection District for coming out to our MCBC very merry unbirthday lunch! We appreciate all you do for our campers unloading and loading up luggage.

Thank you Knights of Columbus Council 10381 Mary Mother of the Church for coming out to visitor’s day at Midwest Children’s Burn Camp.

Thank you Mo Kan Burn Foundation for coming out to visit us at Midwest Children’s Burn Camp for our very merry unbirthday lunch. Campers were excited to see familiar faces again!

Thank you Harmy’s Cheese Store & More, LLC for the yummy cheese and sweet taffy treats for our campers! The cheese and sausage packs will make great snacks for our bus ride home on Sunday.

A big thank you to Midwest Scuba for coming out to MCBC and donating their services so our Stallion campers could try out scuba diving in the pool. Being able to go all the way down to the bottom of the pool with the scuba gear on was really neat.

In addition, all campers are taking home awesome fidget spinners our campers got today courtesy of Board President Bryan Sanger of BRSG.

At flagpole there was lots of talk about campers and counselors bringing sunshine to one another. MiMike was brave enough to not only try tubing for the first time this week, yesterday he even stood up on the tube! Gabe got to try his hand at driving the boat and the Pony girls all did tricks on the tube. The girls of G4 switched positions in the canoe while out in the lake and worked together to bring it back in. The girls of G7 and the boys of B10 completed the pergola through the rain and mud!

At our annual talent show this evening, campers and counselors stole the show with hilarious skits, amazing talents and wonderful singing. The D-Rod and Axe show opened the show with thier skit from Camp Winnipesaukee. Then Meili blew us all away by hula hooping with not just one, not just two, but three hula hoops! The boys of B9 got us pumped for the show with their dancing and the Gagie sang “Black Swan”.

Mustang girls Jane, Serenity, Jaclyn, Cecelia, Issy and Lei Lei performed “If I Weren’t a Camper There’s Someone I Would Be” and had everyone laughing at their impersonations of campers. Lilly surprised us al by dancing to not one but two songs, “Waving Flag” and “The World’s Greatest.” At the end, her Pony cabinmates jumped up to help her finish out the chorus of the last song.

Lei Lei and Cam took over hosting duties from Susana and Uncle Larry and kept the energy high with their jokes and banter.

Connor gelled his hair, color-coordinated his outfit and threw on a bandana to be CIT coordinator Axe for his comedy routine. De’Ante and the A-team Jessica and Claire showed off some dance moves and then Juliana did cartwheels across the stage.

Jessi, Kaleigh and Lei Lei blew us all away singing “Riptide” while Jessi played the ukulele. It was so beautiful.  Then Randi, Fitz and Megan has is in stitches when they stuck googley eyes to their chins and lip synced “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.”

Malik and Isaiah did some awesome dancing and then Serenity rapped “Becky from the Block” with Jane and Jaclyn doing cartwheels in the background. Counselor Travis led us in the world’s fastest “Chicken Dance.” Stallion Alex showed off his amazing dance moves and then Stallion Jordan played the guitar while Steven rapped a song.

The counselors tried to get a pretend lawnmower started in their next skit and were finally able to do so with the help of Uncle Larry. Then Pickle ended the show with a skit that made him appear to be about two-foot tall and going through the camp activities.

After the talent show, the Ponies, Mustangs and Stallions all had their separate string ceremonies. Campers get a chance to wrap the string around their wrist, dedicate it to someone and talk about what camp has meant to them. Many counselors and campers wear their string all year and are reminded of camp when they look down at their wrist.

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