Glow Stick Run

At evening flagpole, campers and staff told stories of how campers embodied the quote of the day through the day’s activities.

“The most splendid achievement of all is the constant striving to surpass yourself and to be worthy of your own approval.” – Denis Waitley

Camper Kat talked about how she is afraid of heights, but she faced her fears today and climbed up the ladder to the tightrope Fifth Element and walked across it as long as she could. Group leader Jim talked about how impressed he was when the Ponies took the initiative to set up all the tables in the whole dining room for dinner.

Counselor Steve talked about how impressed he was that every Pony camper got to the top of at least one element at high ropes. He also praised Pony campers Draven and Alex for being the first Ponies he’s ever seen climb the challenges on the Fifth Element, such as the tight rope walk. D-Rod came up to talk about how Counselor Big Shawn caught his first fish, touched it and as per MCBC tradition, kissed it.

After dinner was the annual MCBC cake eating contest. Counselor Big Shawn tried a new technique that resulted in his entire face getting covered in frosting. Counselor Lauren kept up a good pace, but in the end, it was Counselor Pickle who was again victorious.

For evening activity, we had a glow stick run. Five stations were set up around camp and after campers completed an activity, they got a glow stick. They got to play a giant game of memory, where they had to find the two cards with stars. There was also a karaoke station down at Inspiration Point and yoga down on the beach as the sunset. There were frozen Powerade ice cubes at the hydration station and D-Rod’s boot camp with fun relay games. Every was glowing on the walk back to the cabins, from both the glow sticks and all the fun they’d had.

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