Young Adult Retreat – Changing Times

Young Adult Retreat

After camp what do I do?

This is the question many young adult burn survivors ask when they can no longer attend our children's burn camp, but are still not ready for the adult world of living with burns. Changing Times is a weekend-long retreat designed to be a transition for young adult survivors as they transition from the years of being campers at Midwest Children's Burn Camp (MCBC) into adult lives.  We also welcome young adult burn survivor who have never had the opportunity to attend burn camp. Changing Times offers practical life skills and resources for entering adulthood whether that includes college, technical school, or the working world. Young adult burn survivors face unique issues during the transition phase of development to adulthood. You are often acutely aware that the issues you now have differ substantially from those you had as a young child. These new issues typically relate to body image, relationships, and career development, leaving you feeling confused in a world in which you may find it hard to find acceptance. It is essential for you to clear up this confusion and make sense of it, so you can plan your future with meaning and purpose. Changing Times is an empowering weekend revolving around self-discovery and providing a safe venue where you can:


  • Talk openly and honestly about the issues surrounding your life after a burn injury;
  • Develop awareness of your true abilities and capabilities;
  • Identify your strengths and explore pathways to become your best personal self;
  • Participate in group discussions and learn effective coping skills;
  • Find personal self-acceptance;
  • Share your strength and support with others.

This fun weekend offers a wide variety of topics personalized to your needs, three delicious meals each day, evening activities, outdoor activities (weather permitting), time to make new friends, time to talk, laugh and enjoy the gift of being a SURVIVOR! Contact us 

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The journey of recovering from a burn injury often comes with confusing emotions, hard questions, and physical and emotional pain. As burn survivors, we know that our scars do not define us – yet the stories behind them can offer a powerful path to healing.>> More