Special Assistance

For Burn Survivors
Special Assistance


Burns Recovered is dedicated to all aspects of a burn survivor’s treatment and recovery.  Based on the financial need of a family, we can assist with the expense of pressure garments and housing.

Emergency Housing
Burns Recovered provides assistance to family members who need housing, while a loved one is hospitalized for his or her burn injuries. Assistance is given to families who have extreme financial need or have nowhere else to reside.  At this time, we can only support those families for patients in St. Louis, Missouri hospitals.

Request for Jobst Compression Garments

Patients must be receiving treatment at partnering hospital and demonstrate financial need.Patients must have a script from the authorizing physician in order to qualify. During your lifetime, Burns Recovered will approve 2 sets of garments or up to $2000 per person, whichever comes first.  Download and Complete this Application

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The journey of recovering from a burn injury often comes with confusing emotions, hard questions, and physical and emotional pain. As burn survivors, we know that our scars do not define us – yet the stories behind them can offer a powerful path to healing.>> More