Share Your Story

Please share your story with Burns Recovered.

The journey of recovering from a burn injury often comes with confusing emotions, hard questions, and physical and emotional pain. As burn survivors, we know that our scars do not define us – yet the stories behind them can offer a powerful path to healing. Sharing our stories of the journey – even while we are in the midst of it – can renew our strength and inspire others. Our stories can become a gift we share among the burn survivor community. They are a way of telling each other: “You are not alone.”

You may want to include information about the burn injury or death of a loved one, your strategies for coping, your greatest accomplishments, those who helped or are helping along the way, struggles you are having and lessons you have learned by dealing with grief and loss due to a burn injury or death.

Please note:  In sharing your story, please keep in mind that your story — including your name if you provide it — may appear in public advocacy projects. Even if you do not provide your name, keep in mind that some information can reveal who you are, such as unusual details about you or others.

Thank you for sharing.