For Burn Survivors

For Burn Survivors


You are not alone!

At Burns Recovered, we know you are going through an incredibly challenging time. Many of the problems and feelings that you are currently facing, either at home or in the hospital, we have experienced too. We can help you:
  • Share coping skills to deal with your injury.
  • Provide emotional support and understanding.
  • Help family members understand what to expect during the survivor's time in the hospital and recovery.
  • Help alleviate feelings of anxiety and/or fear that are common during the recovery process.
  • Ease the transition from hospital to home.
  • Ease the transition from home to work or school.
  •  Help you get back to living!
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The journey of recovering from a burn injury often comes with confusing emotions, hard questions, and physical and emotional pain. As burn survivors, we know that our scars do not define us – yet the stories behind them can offer a powerful path to healing.>> More