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A Small Solution to a Big Problem

Posted August 4, 2021

For many burn survivors, their initial injury is only part of the challenge they face.

There are so many more aspects to consider in the hours and days afterwards. How will this burn affect my plans moving forward? What about my family? Did someone contact my employer? There’s so many people I need to speak to!

Adding considerably to the feelings of frustration can be a cellphone that just ran out of charge. We rely on our phones so much these days – who has phone numbers memorized anymore? In a crisis situation, without our smartphones and all the information they contain, we can face tremendous difficulty.

Burns Recovered staff became aware of this issue among those we serve, and put together small charging kits – little vinyl pouches with a charging cord and plug inside – that help to solve a big problem. Additionally, we made sure the charging cables included are six feet in length, allowing the phone to be plugged into a wall outlet and still accessible in a hospital bed or waiting room chair.

Not all of us know what it’s like to suffer a burn injury, but many of us can relate to desperately needing to reach someone – a friend or family member – and being unequipped to do so. It’s our hope these charging kits, along with further assistance offered through conversation and observation, will help make the world a little bit brighter for burn survivors in crisis.