Welcome to 2021!


What a year 2020 was… there were lots of reasons to say “good riddance” to it!

We lost friends, family and community heroes to COVID-19. We weren’t able to gather in person for Midwest Children’s Burn Camp, or for Support Group meetings. We grew weary of being isolated in our homes and separated from those we care about.

At the same time, last year brought exciting new ways of collaboration and innovation to our mission at Burns Recovered. We discovered new ways to care for each other.

By taking advantage of the technology available to us, we moved MCBC to an online setting, supported by volunteers and community members connecting virtually, as well as boxes of materials mailed to each camper. In some cases, the change of venue provided for deeper discussions and connections made.

The use of technology also made it possible for us to connect with burn survivors across the country, both in their homes and in hospital settings, for individual and group support sessions. Our Board of Directors was able to meet virtually and consider finance and planning from safe locations.

As we explored new ways of being in community together, we were able to center on the most vital aspects of our mission, building out from there to accomplish our goals.

The time spent in discernment and planning last year is helpful as we prepare to offer MCBC in person this summer. Our initial plans include two distinct sessions of camp – this will help create the distance needed to create as safe an environment as possible in these days of pandemic.

As we consider the logistical challenges that doubling camp sessions will bring, we acknowledge that continued and expanded generosity on the part of our friends and supporters will be necessary. Bus transportation, camp facilities, equipment and supplies will all require additional spacing and sanitizing. Other needs will arise as pandemic concerns evolve in the months ahead. Still, we have hope in this new year that with thoughtful planning and support, we can make MCBC happen in person which our campers have stated is very important to them.

Thank you to all who support Burns Recovered, and also to all those who place your trust in our programming. We look forward to an exciting and fulfilling new year with you!


Wishing you Peace and All Good,

Brian Moeller, Executive Director