Saturday Fun at MCBC
Publish Date: Jun 6, 2015

The Mustangs boys raised the flag on Saturday morning to kick off the last full day of camp. The Stallions who are aging out with lower the flag this evening. The quote of the day is: “Be nice to people on the way up because you may meet them on the way down” – Jimmy Durante.

The Ponies took on the waterslide and sailed into the lake with glee in the morning. The Mustangs tried their hand at archery and did their best to hit the targets. Other Mustangs hung out in the pool while the third group played life-sized checkers and built with the life-size Jenga blocks. The Stallions went tubing, a favorite activity here at MCBC. Others climbed up the wall and cargo net over at the Fifth Element while their cabin-mates and counselors cheered them on. The third group went fishing and had lots of fun!

After a lunch of DIY hoagies, everyone headed out to enjoy their last afternoon of activities- until next year of course! Tonight, we will have our closing campfire and twig ceremony, where campers and staff can dedicate a twig before adding it in to the fire, if they choose. Then, everyone will head up to the dining hall for a red carpet, star-studded, Hollywood-themed dance!

MCBC’s Got Talent 2015
Publish Date: Jun 5, 2015

At Friday evening flagpole, the Mustang boys helped to lower the flag. A Mustang counselor talked about how his boys worked super hard at the Fifth Element. They tried their best and were able to climb up all the rope obstacles to the top.

Saraih won a bet with Counselor Petey by making it to the top of the high ropes element and got to assist in doing his makeup, which helped him get ready for his lip sync battle performance as Miss Petey in Tonight’s Talent Show. He battled against Big Shawn who performed a Taylor Swift Song in a sparkly silver dress. Other counselors battled it out on stage and campers got to cast their vote with applause for who did the best job.

Mustang Cameron started off the talent show by dancing the Nae Nae, which he reprised later in the show with his cabinmates. The Stallions did a cheer about the all stars at MCBC. The Mustang girls of G3 did a role reversal skit where they were the counselors and their counselors were the campers. Connor, in keeping with the theme of celebrities, did impersonations of famous celebrities like Adam Sandler, Bill Clinton and Barack O’Bama.

Angelica and other campers stood up in front of the audience and sang songs to lots of applause. The Ponies wore glowsticks and entertained the crowd as the sunlight dimmed with their dancing and gymnastic moves. A crowd favorite- the Axe and D’Rod- had everyone giggling at the bumbling dentist and patient with a toothache. Rocky, Bieks and Pickle performed “Let it Go” with ballet from Axe, D’Rod and Shawn. The campers headed off to bed, to get re-energized for the last full day of camp tomorrow.

A Very Merry Unbirthday
Publish Date: Jun 5, 2015

Friday’s quote of the day is: “Life is very interesting. In the end, some of your greatest pains become some of your greatest strengths” – Drew Barrymore. The Pony boys helped raise the flag this morning with their counselor to get our day started at MCBC Hollywood.

Lunch was a very special affair as it was our Very Merry Unbirthday lunch where it was everyone’s birthday! Campers and counselors sat by birth months at the table and enjoyed pasta with our very special guests, the AT&T Pioneers. The AT&T Pioneers help make this day a very special one for our campers, because every birthday needs presents! And AT&T Pioneers provide lovely gifts for every child at camp. They also presented a check to Burns Recovered to help make camp possible. A BIG thank you goes out to the Pioneers from MCBC campers and counselors!

The ice cream and cake we gobbled up after lunch set us up perfectly to do our new energizer that Counselor Rachel taught us – “Ice Cream and Cake.” Camper DeAnte created a brand new energizer for MCBC to the song “The Man” by Aloe Blacc and had everyone up on their feet movin ‘and groovin’.

Thursday afternoon fun in Hollywood

Publish Date: Jun 5, 2015

Campers were able to get some water fun like fishing kayaking and sailing in before an afternoon shower came. The rain couldn’t keep the smiles down at MCBC. Everyone was flexible and spent time playing indoor games like Wax Mueseum and Oobleck. Pony, Mustang and Stallion cheers could be heard throughout the camp. The campers were able to cheer the rain away!

At flagpole, the Pony girls talked about how the quote of the day- “I believe you make your day. You make your life. So much of it is all perception, and this is the form that I built for myself. I have to accept it and work within those compounds, and it's up to me” - Brad Pitt helped them try to climb higher at high ropes. The Mustangs of G3 were initially disappointed that they got rained out from tubing, they made the bets of the situation by using the time to practice and create their show for the Talent Show.

Everyone spent the evening in the Amphitheater playing Hollywood Bingo and answering triva questions in teams. We had the Pink Panthers, Orange You Glad We’re Winning, the Blues, the Hulk, the Yellow Jackets, and the Flying purple People Eaters.

After the evening activity, the Mustangs and Stallions each made a circle for the string ceremony. Campers and counselors passed around a skien of yarn, wrapped it around their wrist and talked about what camp meant to them until everyone was connected in the web. One message of the evening was: "If everyone treated each other like we do at camp, the world would be a much better place."

Thursday’s Adventures in Hollywood at MCBC
Publish Date: Jun 4, 2015

The Pony Girls raised the flag this morning at flag pole with help from their counselors. Uncle Larry shared Thursday’s quote of the day: “I believe you make your day. You make your life. So much of it is all perception, and this is the form that I built for myself. I have to accept it and work within those compounds, and it's up to me” - Brad Pitt.

Stallions got the chance to play human Foozball this morning, while others climbed up the rock wall and took on the high ropes at the Fifth Element. Some Stallions took the chance to tend to the MCBC Memory Garden and rake the rocks into a pattern.
Mustangs rocked out to “frozen” favorites like “Let It Go” and “Summer” in arts and crafts while making friendship bracelets and popsicle stick creations. Cheers of “tubing!” could be heard from some of the Mustang girls as they headed down to the boat docks this morning.

The Ponies had a blast in the pool this morning. Cecilia was able to move up from her red band to her yellow band! All the Ponies were very proud of her and clapped and cheered her on.

At Nature, after a lesson from Susana on insects, the campers were off to find and identify specimens of there own. Every time a new creature was found, a shout of excitement would go out from the group that had found the creature. Lighting bugs, worms, ants, slugs, snails, a garden spider and even a turtle were all caught and examined.

Wednesday Fun at MCBC
Publish Date: Jun 3, 2015

At the water slide this morning, the Stallions girls raced the Stallion boys to see which group could all make it down the slide first. The Stallions girls were victorious and their prize was the boys serving their table in the dining hall.
A group of Mustangs and the Ponies went fishing this morning down by the bridge fishing with Tim. Logan caught the most fish- 6 sunfish! Campers used both worms and smaller fish that were caught as bait. It’s a tradition at MCBC that you have to kiss your first fish you catch. Lost of fish were caught, so as you can imagine, there was quite a bit of puckering up going on as well!

While some of the Mustangs were funyaking and paddle boarding, a group of Stallions on the video scavenger hunt came down because they needed to video three people jumping into the lake. Counselor Laura, Dillin and Ray Ray volunteered as tributes and jumped in as Elizabeth filmed and Sierra directed. Cedric jumped in the lake too!

The Ponies took a dip in the pool before lunch. Counselor Pickle gave Cameron a swim lesson and counselors Mickey and Chole helped Lilly and Cecelia into tubes so they could float around and relax in the pool.

The Mustangs got the chance to play with some life-size games outside. Counselor Emilio and Lei Lei had a meeting of two great minds over a game of over-sized checkers. Trenton, Isaiah, Adiona and Lei Lei built the world’s tallest Jenga game on top of a picnic table and played until the arm-sized blocks fell down.
Afternoon rain showers moved the campers inside for games that involved acting like a ninja, navigating through a large grid-like maze and old favorites like Connect Four and Uno. For the second afternoon period, the rain let up, and everyone headed outside.

Sariah caught the camp’s biggest fish- a catfish as big as an arm! Counselors Chris and Tim helped guide her in wearing out the catfish so she was able to land it.

At evening flagpole, campers shared stories relating to the quote of the day: “The minute that you're not learning I believe you're dead” Jack Nicholson
Counselors Creek and Petey spoke about how their boys learned how to bait their own hooks and take their own fish off. Dillin caught 15 fish- the most out of his cabin! Cameron shared how he was able to move up to his yellow swim band, after his lesson with Counselor Pickle in the pool. The Pony girls talked about how they learned patience while waiting for the fish to bite.

After chicken nuggets, it was off to the pool party. While campers and counselors swam and splashed, a hula hoop contest took place. Lei Lei, Claire and Sierra hula hooped for more than 20 minutes until eventually Claire was the last one standing. The limbo contest had Mustangs and Stallions seeing how low they could go and ultimately, Xzavier was declared the winner.

A Terrific Start to Wednesday
Publish Date: Jun 3, 2015

After a good night's sleep after Clown Night for the Ponies and Mustangs and Orientering for the Stallions, everyone headed to flagpole Tuesday morning.The Mustang girls of G4 showed up to flagpole all in pink with Bianca wearing a shirt referencing the quote from the movie Mean Girls — “On Wednesdays we wear pink.” The Mustang girls from G3 worked together to raise the flag before everyone said the Pledge of Allegiance together.

Uncle Larry broke out the Book of Larry and everyone “Oohed” and “Ahhed.” He shared the Hollywood quote of the day for campers and staff to reflect on: “The minute that you're not learning I believe you're dead” — Jack Nicholson

Clowning Around
Publish Date: June 3, 2015

Tuesday night was clown night at MCBC. After a cookout of hotdogs in the amphitheater, the MCBC Ponies and Mustangs Hollywood Stars turned in to Hollywood clowns for the evening.

Clown makeup and crazy, colorful costumes aided in the transformation. Campers got the chance to paint their own faces and pick out their outfit for the evening out of the many boxes of bright and loud clothing. Some campers even got the chance to do their counselor’s make up for the evening!

MCBC’s Hollywood clowns got a lesson in balloon-animal making and tried to make Pickle and other counselors laugh with jokes and silly animal noises. Counselors and campers moved around the stage like elephants, turtles and giraffes to music and then raced to put their foot in a hula hoop when the music stopped.

Some campers chose to give their clowns names. Mrs. Buttercup, Crazy Catherine, The Joker and Little Kevin Hart all made an appearance at clown night. Campers shared what they had learned after evening activity- teamwork, a new dance move, finding a new hat they like- and almost everyone, campers and counselors, said with smiles and red noses on their faces that Clown Night had pushed them out of their comfort zone.

Tuesday afternoon fun
Publish Date: June 2, 2015

Tuesday afternoon the Stallions took on the low ropes course. They worked on building trust while taking on obstacles such as the trust fall where they had to work together to catch a fellow camper. They also worked together to navigate a ball through a maze and used pulleys to hook onto another hook.

At Arts and Crafts, some of the Mustangs decorated their own hats by designing the brim with a colorful design of their own choosing. Other Mustangs took on the water toys and slipped and splashed on the floating mat that let everyone have a chance at “walking on water.” And yet another groups splished and splashed into the lake by going down the giant waterslide.

A favorite activity for both the Mustangs and Ponies today was tubing! Campers hung on as tight as they could as the tube got pulled around the lake. Their fellow campers waved and cheered them on, giggling as their friends bounced up and down in the water.

Tonight, everyone will have a cookout! Then the Ponies and Mustangs will have clown night while the Stallions go orientering! What a fun evening!

At evening flagpole, we talked about the quote of the day "In life there are no regrets, just lessons," from Jennifer Aniston. The boys of B7 spoke about how while every camper didn't try everything at low ropes, they walked away with no regrets, just lessons. The Pony girls spoke about how they learned that if they try everything, they'll probably like it. And counselor Jill spoke about how her group of Mustangs in the video scavenger hunt weren't able to find a chipmunk, but they did learn that Susana does an good chipmunk impersonation.