Super Saturday at MCBC 2017
Publish Date: Aug 13, 2017

We woke to a beautiful morning here at MCBC! The Pony girls raised the flag and we all "oohed" and "ahhed" to hear Uncle Larry's final quote of the day from the book of Larry.

Today's quote is: "Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive about what could go right."

Before breakfast, some of the MCBC campers and their counselors went down to the lake for some early morning fishing. Pony Gabe and Satllions Connor and Steven caught great fish catfish! It was a successful morning of fishing for all.

The Ponies and Stallions got the chance to go ziplining today. Pony Meili was so excited, she was the first one down the zipline! How fun it was to fly through the forest supported by the harness and see the trees and plants whizz by. Cabinmates and counselors cheered each camper on as they took a long walk off a short platform and began their zipline ride.

At evening flagpole, the Stallions who are aging out lowered the flag for our final flag ceremony of MCBC summer 2017. Campers reflected on the quote of the day throughout the day and shared stories about taking chances.

We had our closing campfire down at Inspiration Point. Counselors were honored for the number of years they have served at MCBC. Campers and counselors got the chance to choose a stick to add to the fire and dedicate that stick to someone special in their lives.

At the Spooky Kooky Burn Camp dance, campers and counselors alike were decked out in their Halloween costumes. We had a "candy rapper," a knight, and a hippie. There was also two Batmans, bacon and eggs, a hotdog, a pickle, a dinosaur, two scarecrows, a bag of Skittles and many more wonderful outfits!

We danced to songs like Justin Beiber's "Baby" as well as old favorites like the "Cha Cha Slide" and "Cotton Eyed Joe."

We celebrated our fearless leader, Uncle Larry's, 15th anniversary at Midwest Children's Burn Camp. We watched a slideshow featuring throwback photos, thank yous and camper impersonations of Uncle Larry.

Thank you Uncle Larry for all you do for MCBC! We can't wait to see what words of wisdom the Book of Larry holds next year!

As the summer of MCBC 2017 comes to a close and we get ready to say "see you soon" to our old and new friends tomorrow, we reflect all on the memories, friendships and accomplishments made this summer. It was truly a gift to have our MCBC family reunion on the peninsula.

Fabulous Friday at MCBC

Publish Date: Aug 12, 2017

This morning, the boys of B4 raised the flagpole at the start of our fabulous Friday at MCBC.

Today's quote of the day is "Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always bring your own sunshine."

Friday was visitor's day at MCBC, and we had so much to be grateful for with all of our wonderful alumni campers, donors, sponsors and family members joining us for our Very Merry Unbirthday Lunch. What a treat!

A big thank you to the AT&T Pioneers who brought special gifts for each and every camper. Our campers were so excited to open their birthday presents! The younger Mustang boys were so excited to dig into their Lego sets at rest hour.

Thank you Kohl's Care for your time, donations and coming out to Midwest Children's Burn Camp for our very merry unbirthday lunch! We had so much fun meeting you!

Thank you Bethany Westlake from Mercy St. Louis Burn Unit for coming out to visit us at our very merry unbirthday lunch!

Thank you Gravois Fire Protection District for coming out to our MCBC very merry unbirthday lunch! We appreciate all you do for our campers unloading and loading up luggage.

Thank you Knights of Columbus Council 10381 Mary Mother of the Church for coming out to visitor's day at Midwest Children's Burn Camp.

Thank you Mo Kan Burn Foundation for coming out to visit us at Midwest Children's Burn Camp for our very merry unbirthday lunch. Campers were excited to see familiar faces again!

Thank you Harmy's Cheese Store & More, LLC for the yummy cheese and sweet taffy treats for our campers! The cheese and sausage packs will make great snacks for our bus ride home on Sunday.

A big thank you to Midwest Scuba for coming out to MCBC and donating their services so our Stallion campers could try out scuba diving in the pool. Being able to go all the way down to the bottom of the pool with the scuba gear on was really neat.

In addition, all campers are taking home awesome fidget spinners our campers got today courtesy of Board President Bryan Sanger of BRSG.

At flagpole there was lots of talk about campers and counselors bringing sunshine to one another. MiMike was brave enough to not only try tubing for the first time this week, yesterday he even stood up on the tube! Gabe got to try his hand at driving the boat and the Pony girls all did tricks on the tube. The girls of G4 switched positions in the canoe while out in the lake and worked together to bring it back in. The girls of G7 and the boys of B10 completed the pergola through the rain and mud!

At our annual talent show this evening, campers and counselors stole the show with hilarious skits, amazing talents and wonderful singing. The D-Rod and Axe show opened the show with thier skit from Camp Winnipesaukee. Then Meili blew us all away by hula hooping with not just one, not just two, but three hula hoops! The boys of B9 got us pumped for the show with their dancing and the Gagie sang "Black Swan".

Mustang girls Jane, Serenity, Jaclyn, Cecelia, Issy and Lei Lei performed "If I Weren't a Camper There's Someone I Would Be" and had everyone laughing at their impersonations of campers. Lilly surprised us al by dancing to not one but two songs, "Waving Flag" and "The World's Greatest." At the end, her Pony cabinmates jumped up to help her finish out the chorus of the last song.

Lei Lei and Cam took over hosting duties from Susana and Uncle Larry and kept the energy high with their jokes and banter.

Connor gelled his hair, color-coordinated his outfit and threw on a bandana to be CIT coordinator Axe for his comedy routine. De'Ante and the A-team Jessica and Claire showed off some dance moves and then Juliana did cartwheels across the stage.

Jessi, Kaleigh and Lei Lei blew us all away singing "Riptide" while Jessi played the ukulele. It was so beautiful.  Then Randi, Fitz and Megan has is in stitches when they stuck googley eyes to their chins and lip synced "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."

Malik and Isaiah did some awesome dancing and then Serenity rapped "Becky from the Block" with Jane and Jaclyn doing cartwheels in the background. Counselor Travis led us in the world's fastest "Chicken Dance." Stallion Alex showed off his amazing dance moves and then Stallion Jordan played the guitar while Steven rapped a song.

The counselors tried to get a pretend lawnmower started in their next skit and were finally able to do so with the help of Uncle Larry. Then Pickle ended the show with a skit that made him appear to be about two-foot tall and going through the camp activities.

After the talent show, the Ponies, Mustangs and Stallions all had their separate string ceremonies. Campers get a chance to wrap the string around their wrist, dedicate it to someone and talk about what camp has meant to them. Many counselors and campers wear their string all year and are reminded of camp when they look down at their wrist.

Tremendous Thursday at MCBC

Publish Date: Aug 10, 2017

We started the day off by doing flagpole in the dining hall because a little liquid sunshine decided to come down out of the sky.

The girls of cabin G4 were flexible and raised the flag on our indoor flgpole (aka Axe and Pickle).

The quote of the day is: "Sometimes just a little compliment can make someone's day."

Everyone was super cozy as we munched on waffles and cereal because it was pajama breakfast. The Flash and a crazy cat lady were just some of the characters who joined us in their pjs for our meal.

The rain cleared up for our morning activities, which made some Mustangs campers very happy because they had tubing! Top Chef went on in the pavilion. The girls of G5 and the boys of B4 worked in teams to create entrees and dessert for the judges. The girls created Entree: "Easy as Fry" for an entree and "Fruit drizzle my nizzle!" for dessert. The girls took home the entree round while the boys won the dessert round.

Volunteers from the University of Missouri Raptor Rehabilitation Project brought four birds of prey for the campers to meet. The Raptor Rehabilitation Project rehabilitates and releases birds of prey back into the wild. Campers got to see a beautiful owl up close and were impressed with the wingspan of the other birds. Campers loved meeting Grim, the turkey vulture!

While fishing this afternoon, camper Lei Lei caught a 16 inch smallmouth bass- the biggest Tim said he had ever seen caught at MCBC!

At flagpole, campers had lots of compliments to recount from throughout the day.

Steven climbed the cargo net not only blindfolded, but with his feet tied together. Will climbed to the top of the rock wall blindfolded with Jordan acting as his guide. Two pony girls rocked it in the pool today with Meili earning her yellow swim bracelet and Lilli earning her green swim bracelet.

Cecelia and Issy both got on their knees while tubing and Serenity, Jane and Jaclyn were able to stand up while tubing. Gabe was super brave and not only got into the pool but also tried kayaking with his counselors and cabinmate Mike cheering him on. Chance overcame his fear of heights and tried the Fifth Element at high ropes for the first time. The Stallions who spent their rest hour working on constructing the pergola for camp got a shout out from counselor Chloe.

Camper Kaleigh complimented her counselors and said, "Our counselors were pushing us forward to do our best all day. Whether we fail or succeed, they're always saying stuff to make us feel good."

At the pool party we had a hula hoop contest with campers Cam and Lei Lei winning the first heats and Lei Lei winning it all. So many campers jumped, splashed and canon balled their way into the pool for the the Big Splash Contest. Stallion camper Jordan won that with an epic splash!

Wonderful Wednesday at MCBC
Author: Hannah Weise
Publish Date: Aug 9, 2017

The sun shone brightly as the Mustang girls of G5 raised the flag this morning.

Everyone "oohed" and "ahhed" as Uncle Larry held up the Book of Larry and blew the dust off. Today's words of wisdom came from Dr. Suess: "Why fit in, when you were born to stand out."

Mustangs and Stallions got to go tubing today- one of the favorite activities at camp. Campers Serenity and Jaclyn got up on their knees and sang and danced to energizer songs such as "The World's Greatest." The bravest campers requested a "spicy" ride from their boat driver and held on as tight as they could.

The Pony campers had a blast at arts and crafts. They got to tie dye shirts and then created posters listing their favorite things about camp!

Mustang and Stallion campers took on low ropes today. Camper Karli climbed the rock wall so fast, she was almost to the top before we knew it! Camper Alex attempted everything he could at the Fifth Element. By the end he was walking across the suspended stepping stone bridge so fast, he was practically running! Camper Isaiah persevered and made it all the way up the rock wall.

Stallions had a chance to go on the giant water slide and funyaks. As they shot out down the slide, they tried to pose for the camera and see just how far they could shoot out into the water.

At evening flagpole, campers and counselors shared times when uniqueness was celebrated throughout the day. The girls of G5 made a three person pyramid on the tube with the person on top standing up- all while the tube was going! Cecelia celebrated making it to the top of the pegs at high ropes, and Draven and Gagie celebrated their uniqueness by wearing fun costumes throughout the day.

Thank you to B'nai B'rith International of St. Louis Missouri for providing adorable and cuddly teddy bears for our campers at Midwest Children's Burn Camp.

For evening activity, we had a Trick or Treat EXTRAVAGANZA! Campers were split into five groups- the Walking Zombies, Galloping Ghosts, Wicked Witches, Sunset Vampires and Beastly Bats. Campers got to visit D-Rod's boot camp to get ready for camp, do some yoga with Heather and Pickle to wind down from a day full of fun activities and play spooky hoops ring toss with Marco. Campers rehydrated at the infirmary with Jim where they got to suck on ice cubes made out of Gatorade while singing Jingle Bells and Row, Row, Row Your Boat. At Inspiration Point, Mykie and Lo led the group in karaoke and of course our new MCBC song!

Terrific Tuesday at MCBC

Publish Date: Aug 8, 2017

This morning, we started off our first full day of MCBC at flagpole. The boys of B2 raised the flag for camp.

The quote of the day is "Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and twice as beautiful as you'd ever imagined."

Campers reflected on the quote throughout the day and shared stories at evening flagpole about how they demonstrated the quote throughout the day.

In the morning, the Mustangs and Pony campers headed over to low ropes. The Stallion campers had their chance to try low ropes in the afternoon. There, they worked as a team to complete different activities.

In one challenge, campers had to swing on a rope, without spilling the glass of water they were holding. In another challenge, campers tried to balance on a small wooden box as a group for long enough to sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."

At Top Chef, the Stallions created entree and dessert courses over a campfire with the ingredients allotted to them. They came up with creative dishes such as "camp goulash" for entree round and fondue with cut up pieces of fruit and melted chocolate for dessert. After the food was tasted by the judges, campers enjoyed the feast they created and shared it with their counselors.

Every year, the oldest Stallion campers create a project to give back to camp in some way. Today they started working together to turn wooden boards and nails into a pergola by the ropes course. The seniors worked hard as a team to move boards into place this afternoon and will continue to work on their special project throughout the week.

At evening flagpole, campers and counselors shared stories of how they saw the quote of the day embodied throughout the day at camp.

At flagpole, we reflected on "beautiful moments" of the day like when Susana came down to low ropes and danced Jai Ho with the Stallions. Pickle spoke with pride describing how all the Pony campers were brave enough to go tubing in the lake. Way to go Ponies! Camper Isaiah talked about how the Mustangs came together to work through a challenging element at low ropes. Pochontas talked about how a camper found a completely ew way to get through the tire at low ropes that no one had ever seen before.

Everyone got to eat dinner outside for our annual MCBC cookout! The Ponies and Mustangs had a Carnival night with lots of fun games. There were tons of wonderful Halloween costumes donated by Variety Peaceable Kingdom that the campers got to dress up in. They played games like giant Jenga, ringtoss with hula hoops and got glitter tattoos.

The Stallions headed up to Masada for their cookout and an evening program of Survivor. They learned how to use charcoal to filter water and about edible plants in the wilderness.

A big thank you to Ginger Bay Salon & Spa for providing personal care items such as shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soap and toothpaste for our campers at Midwest Children's Burn Camp this week!

Another big thank you to Lake Area Firefighters, Local 3987 for the cool new sunglasses with lenses in shades of blue, green, yellow, orange and pink. Campers are sporting their new shades, ready for fun in the sun!

Marvelous Monday at MCBC

Publish Date: Aug 7, 2017

"I'm home now."

This simple phrase was uttered by a returning camper as she stepped off the bus at camp and MCBC summer 2017 officially began.

Counselors spent the morning creating signs to welcome back all age groups at camp- the Ponies, Mustangs and Stallions. When we heard the bus tires crunch down the gravel driveways, everyone headed outside with the signs to cheer our amazing MCBC campers into camp.

Inside the dining hall old friends hugs and high fives abounded as old and new friends greeted one another.

A big thank you to Gravois Fire Protection District for coming out and unloading campers' luggage at their cabins!

After unpacking in the afternoon, campers took their swim tests in the pool.

Camper Charlie worked with an A-team lifeguard on her treading water skills until she was able to tread water for a whole minute, in addition to swimming a lap in the pool and passed her swim test. It was the first time Charlie achieved a green bracelet for the pool at MCBC. Way to go!

Then participated in other fun activities such as archery, arts and crafts, the water slide and funyaking. Everyone is super excited for a full day of activities at MCBC tomorrow!

At flag pole, campers were treated to a a special Honor Guard flag ceremony thanks to Lake Ozark Fire Protection District led by counselor Mudsak CIT coordinator Axe.

After a yummy dinner, everyone enjoyed playing get-to-know-you-games. First, we tried to pass the phrase "spooky kooky" around a circle made up of all the campers and counselors as fast as we could. We got it down to 50 seconds! We also tried to defy gravity by seeing how long we could keep a balloon up in the air with our hands, and then without any hands and even while laying on our backs.

We headed down with our cabins to Inspiration Point for our Opening Campfire where all MCBC and A-team staff introduced themselves to campers. We sang our new MCBC song to the tune of "Can't Stop the Feeling" and laughed as counselors entertained us with silly skits.

As the full moon rose overhead, we headed back to our cabins for a good night's rest.