Splendid Saturday at MCBC

Publish Date: Aug 12, 2018

We awoke to our last full day at camp and headed to flag pole confused at how such a wonderful week could go by so quickly!

Uncle Larry pulled out the Book of Larry and told us that Saturday's words of the day are: empathetic listening and recharge.

A flagpole, we were still in awe of our brave and talented campers. The words of Stallion camper Isabella were in many of our minds. After dancing her heart out at the Talent Show, she said, "I really didn't want to come up here, but with you guys cheering me on, I just want to thank you because you inspire me to do more."

The Stallions all got the chance to go on the zipline and prepped the Ponies about how fun it is to fly through the air like birds and planes. The Pony campers were SO brave when their turns came and it was delightful to hear their squeal and giggles as many of them discovered the fun of zipline for the first time.

We enjoyed the afternoon with our cabins doing fun activities for the last time this summer, soaking in the love of our camp family.

After dinner we had our closing campfire and twig ceremony. At the twig ceremony, campers have the opportunity to toss a stick into our campfire and dedicate it to someone special or talk about how camp is special to them.

Afterwards we partied in the USA at our camp dance. Campers and counselors had a blast singing, getting fun face paint and dancing the night away.

It has been a truly terrific week at our home away from home. All the counselors and staff at MCBC hope you carry the love of camp with your throughout this next year and we are already counting down the days until our next family reunion on the peninsula.

Fantastic Friday at MCBC 2018

Publish Date: Aug 12, 2018

It was a Fantastic Friday at MCBC! There was so much going on and so much fun to be had by all!

Today’s words of the day are: Working together.

At lunch we had our Very Merry Unbirthday Lunch. We sat in tables with friends who were born in the same month as us. Each table had a special birthday cake for their birthday month to share at the end of the meal.

The AT&T Pioneers came for their 9th year and brought a special birthday present for each camper! It was so fun to see campers excitedly tearing open bags and paper to discover what was picked out especially for them!

We were also blessed to have visitors from The Sons of the American Legion of St. Peters, the MoKan Burn Foundation, The Firefighters Benevolent Association of Osage Beach. All these wonderful organizations help camp throughout the year.

The previously unnamed scholarship designed to help MCBC campers to pursue a dream was dedicated today to longtime MCBC staff and "camp grandpa," James Neff. Thank you Jim for your 17 years of bringing and sharing all your love, compassion, and wisdom to MCBC!

The new scholarship program is specifically for Midwest Children’s Burn Camp campers who have a specific hobby or passion that they enjoy participating in and would like to take a class to continue that interest. Serenity and D’Angela were the first scholarship winners. Serenity used hers to take piano lessons and D’Angela used hers to take acting classes.


The sun was bright and shining as we went on to our afternoon activities. It was super fun to be able to jump in the pool or the lake and splash and play with our camp family.

This evening’s program was our annual camp talent show. Campers were incredibly brave and got up in front of their camp family to tell jokes, sing songs, dance and even hula hoop. It was amazing to see so much talent in one place!

Following evening program the Pony, Mustang and Stallion campers broke into their respective groups and had the web ceremony with their counselors and fellow campers. The web symbolizes how we are all connected as part of one big camp family and the string on our wrist can remind us of the love, connection and fun we found at Burn Camp during the school year.

Thursday Fun at MCBC

Publish Date: Aug 10, 2018

With patriotic headbands, the Pony girls raised the flag to start off our terrific Thursday at MCBC.

Uncle Larry pulled out his Book of Larry and read the word of the day for us: Organize Priorities.

The Pony campers took on the high ropes course. We were so proud of our brave, youngest campers because each boy and girl tried an element. Lilly made it halfway up the rock wall this year!

Mustangs had a blast hanging on the tube as they went tubing around the lake. At Nature, Susana led everyone on a hike and then we made nature bracelets with fun things we found outside.

G17 and B4 won clean cabin award, and we cheered them on at lunch.

At flag pole we talked about our words of the day: Organize Priorities. Hattie talked about how Cecelia made sure everyone in the cabin had a job in taking down the flag. The girls of G17 supported a new camper. Campers Camella made a deal with first-year camper Aadie that she would go down the slide if Aadie went tubing. They had a blast at both activities.

Susana talked about how at nature, multiple campers stepped up and led a session on sedimentary rock. The oldest Stallions made it a priority to work on their senior project instead of going to the pool. They are building benches for the pergola out by high ropes for all of camp to enjoy. The Stallion boys of S3 took the initative to go into the cabins of the younger male Stallions and talk to them about the importance of being leaders at camp.

In the evening we had our Pool Party organized by our amazing CITs. There was a big splash contest, hula hooping contest and even a limbo contest.

Wednesday Fun at MCBC

Publish Date: Aug 9, 2018

Wednesday morning the Pony boys raised the flag to get our morning started. Uncle Larry brought out his hallowed Book of Larry and gave us today’s word of the day: proactive.

The sun shone brightly all day as we ran around camp having fun at our activities. Stallions spent the morning challenging themselves at high ropes. Campers climbed up the cargo net and rock wall. Cambers used ropes to cross a tightrope and swung from ring to ring like monkeys. Victor climbed up the firecracker ladder and was only the 3rd person to complete it this whole summer at camp Sabra. Campers worked in pairs to climb Jacob’s Ladder and walked across a bridge high above in the air.

It was amazing to watch the care and concern from the campers on the ground as they clapped, cheered and encouraged their friends onwards.

Mustangs and Ponies had a blast at Top Chef. Campers were given a box of ingredients and worked together to prepare a main course and a meal. Some of the items in the box included: potatoes, apples, Pringles, hot dogs and even oatmeal. The creations were judged and winners were declared based on taste and presentation.

There was also time spent splashing in the pool with friends. Lilly showed off her green swim bracelet and said, “When people ask me how I know to swim so good, I tell them I learned at Burn Camp!”

Camper Meili said with a big smile on her face, “I’m so glad I came to this camp!”

Campers broke into groups for our evening program and traveled around camp to different activities during our Game Show night. They had the chance to do some quiet and calm relaxation at Yoga. There was also karaoke down at Inspiration Point, which of course included the singing of our camp song. At Family Feud, campers got the chance to play the MCBC version of this classic game show. Campers also had the chance to play a giant dodge ball-like game. We also had the chance to play a fun game of Plink-o.

It was a great evening of fun to cap off a wonderful day of fun, family and friends at MCBC.

Terrific Tuesday Fun at MCBC

Publish Date: Aug 7, 2018

This morning we woke to our first full day at MCBC. Cabin B4 raised the flag and got our day started.

The Book of Larry made its inaugural summer debut to choruses of “oohs” and “ahhs” from the campers and staff. Throughout the year, Uncle Larry travels the Woods of Kirk, Hills of Maple, Cities of Jefferson and Woods of Oak to collect words of the day.

Today’s words of the day are: End Vision and Mutual Victory.

We are now even more ready to Party in the USA with our pink, blue, orange, yellow and green tinted party glasses thanks to Lake Area Firefighters Local 3987!

John O’Leary from Live Inspired visited with campers and staff and shared his burn survivor story after breakfast.

“We have to have a brave, bold vision for what we are going to do in our lives,” O’Leary told campers.

Many campers had wonderful, insightful questions for O’Leary such as, “Were you able to drive?” “What was your recovery like?” and “Did you ever feel like giving up?”

O’Leary left the campers with an inspirational message that they are incredibly loved and absolutely wonderful human beings.

During the morning, Ponies and Mustangs took on low ropes. Campers worked together to swing from tire swing to tire swing. At another activity, they stood on a teeter totter platform and worked to balance it long enough to sing the ABCs. Campers also had the chance to swing on a rope swing, do trust falls and even climb a wall!

Mustang girls used planks to create an elevated path across the ground the Mustang boys worked as a team by standing on the maze so they could navigate a ball into the hole at the end. It was great to see everyone learning about each other and communicating with one another.

At flagpole, we revisited our words of the day: mutual victory and endvision.

Emilio spoke about how the girls of G17 were up and ready for flagpole as a unit this morning and did not need any reminders. TP talked about how the Mustang boys were able to complete the maze in just a minute and 56 seconds. He also talked about how a camper was able to face his fear of the lake with the help of his fellow campers and counselors. Mike talked about how Trenton was able to direct his team to get the hook lined up perfectly to complete a low ropes course. Meagan talked about how proud she was that all the Pony girls did the trust fall.

In the afternoon, the Stallions did low ropes. As a team, Stallion groups walked across the dining hall using a giant pair of wooden skis. They used hollow tubing to move a marble across the room, each camper holding on to one link and moving to the end of the line to help keep the marble rolling. Campers also cracked the combinations on a series of locks attached to a rope. The whole time, campers were getting to know their fellow campers and learning communication skills.

For dinner, everyone had a cookout! The Ponies and Mustangs had Carnival Night while the Stallions had an Escape Room up at Masada. In small groups, Stallion campers worked together to “break out” by solving riddles and puzzles. It was a great way to put the communication skills they gained at low ropes to use.

Mustang and Pony campers had the chance to get their faces painted and get glitter tattoos. They also got to play fun games like life-size tic-tac-toe, bottle flipping and giant ring toss. There were happy smiles all around as the sun and campers headed to bed so we could rest up for another great day of fun.

Kicking off this Party in the USA

Publish Date: Aug 6, 2018

We were SO excited when the buses full of our amazing, strong and resilient campers rolled into camp today! Cheers, cowbells and lots of clapping filled the camp as our family reunion began on the peninsula. Our theme this summer is Party in the USA.

After lunch, everyone took their swim test in the pool, and then had a chance to cool off from the heat and splash around. Pony campers had a blast floating in inner tubes, jumping in and of course, splashing their counselors. Mustangs campers were playing basketball and taking turns climbing the rock wall. Stallions enjoyed having the chance to chat and reconnect while floating at the pool and batting around a 6-foot inflatable patriotic beachball.

The Ponies went tubing and were so brave! Every one of them got out there on the lake in the tube. Campers Juliana and Meili worked together to support each other on the tube so they could both take turns standing up!

After a wonderful afternoon of splashing and fun, we ate hamburgers for dinner and then played all sorts of fun get-to-know-you games. Campers broke into groups and worked as a team to blow bubbles all the way from one side of the dining hall to the other to get it into a hoop. In pairs, counselors and campers worked together to use a piece of fettuccine to move a soda can across the dining hall. In big circles, groups stepped through a hula hoop to pass it all the way around the circle.

At Inspiration Point, we had our Opening Campfire and we introduced our MCBC and A-team staff for this week of camp fun. Counselor Shawn entertained us all with his predictions for counselors as the camp swami. With the setting sun, we sang our camp song and then turned in for a good night's sleep so we will have energy for our first full day of camp fun!