Saturday at MCBC

Publish Date: Aug 3, 2019

On Saturday we gathered at the flagpole for our last morning flagpole at MCBC 2019.

Our last quote of the day is, "Other things may change us but we start and end with Family…"

We had a busy last day of activities at MCBC.

We heard many stories of triumph and adventures from our last full day of camp. Stallions splashed in the pool and created awesome artistic works at arts and crafts. Mustangs went horseback riding and on a nature hike. The Ponies created a radio show and swam in the pool.

The eight age out Stallions took down the flag and MCBC flag at evening flagpole. It has been amazing to see them grow over their years at MCBC! We hope they all come back at CITs next summer!

Pickle talked about how it can be scary coming to new places and going to a new camp. He said, "It's not the place, it is the people that make camp."

For evening program we had our closing campfire and dance.

At the closing campfire, everyone had the chance to pick up a stick to add to the fire. Campers could dedicate their stick to someone or talk about their experience at camp.

After the campfire, everyone headed back out for the big dance. Campers dressed up in their fancy plaid shirts and dresses while counselors dressed up as different families. Music played as we danced our last night of camp away.

Friday at MCBC

Publish Date: Aug 3, 2019

Friday we awoke with giant smiles because it was everyone's birthday today. At MCBC, Friday is our Very Merry Unbirthday Lunch.

At lunch, we ate with our guests and visitors and we end our yummy meal with birthday cake. Guest include former campers, donors and family members of campers and friends. It is a happy meal indeed.

For many years the AT&T Pioneers have joined us for our Unbirthday lunch and provided gifts for each and every camper. It truly makes the celebration even more special.

Today's quote of the day is, "Having someone to love is Family, Having somewhere to go is Home, Having both is a Blessing."

Before lunch, the Stallions had their turn at Elephant Rocks. They had the chance to explore the rocks and reflect on their week at MCBC. The Ponies went horseback riding and the Mustangs did the ropes course. Everyone had the chance for some cabin family time so they could perfect their acts for the talent show.

At flagpole, we came together as an MCBC family.

Jim praised M2 for all working together at ropes and taking the time to praise on another. 

Camella thanked Jim for giving cooking tips to M1 at cooking.

John talked about how it was a blessing when Tim spent time with the Pony boys fishing.

D-Rod talked about how at high ropes Draven climbed all the way to the top and shimmy across the pole and do the grapevine with some encouragement from Pickle.

Mama Meesh talked about how she has never quite witnessed the magic that fills Taum Sauk until this week with MCBC

At the Talent Show we munched on popcorn and sno cones while we watched our MCBC family members be brave and perform wonderful acts for us. There was lots of singing, dancing, skits and of course smiles and cheers.

There were so many talented acts at the show! Singing, dancing, skits and ribbon dancing. We are so proud of our talented family members!

We are always so proud when our family members put themselves out there and take a risk at the Talent Show!

Thursday at MCBC

Publish Date: Aug 2, 2019

Thursday morning at MCBC started off with a pajama breakfast. The dining hall was full of plaid pj bottoms, fuzzy robes and slippers as everyone got to wear their pjs to breakfast.

Thursday's quote of the day is "WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE!!! In this house we are real, we make mistakes, we say I’m sorry, we give second chances, we have fun, we give hugs, we forgive, we do really loud, we are patient, we love.."

This morning it was the Mustangs' turn to explore Elephant Rocks. They had a blast exploring the giant boulders and exclaiming about just how far they could see. The Ponies were very brave out on the ropes course and the Stallions went horseback riding.

In the afternoon, the Ponies did arts and crafts and pontoon floating. The Mustang groups both did archery and one went seining in the creek for macro-invertebrates while the other group went kayaking. One Stallion group went to ropes, while another went river tubing and hung out in hammock village while the last Stallion group went river tubing.

At flagpole, more wonderful stories from the day were shared.

Asa congratulated Tina because she went on the ropes today on her second try despite being afraid of heights 

S2 boys hopped out of their pontoon to help the S2 girls’ boats though spots where they drug and hit rocks

M2 caught a record number of minis on the seining trip

Mustangs went out to Elephant Rocks today and helped each other cross from rock to rock. 

Pony campers had riflery and almost all of them managed to hit the target and several of them got bullseyes. 

For evening program, we all took a trip to get ice cream! We took a wagon ride to get our special treatI The St Louis Firefighters Local 73 generously provided us with this yummy snack! It was a great chance to chat with friends of all ages at camp.

When we got back to camp, each age group had their chance to do their web ceremony. The Web Ceremony is a special time at MCBC where each camper gets a chance to talk about what MCBC means to them and then wrap yarn around their wrist, until everyone is connected in a giant web.

Many campers and counselors will wear their piece of yarn year-round to remind them of the fun, friendship, memories and family they have found here at MCBC.

Wednesday at MCBC

Publish Date: Aug 2, 2019

Wednesday's quote of the day is: "If you don’t ask…the answer is always no, If you don’t go after what you want.. You’ll never have it, If you don’t step forward..You’re always in the same spot."

In the morning, the Ponies went to Elephant Rocks, a natural feature of giant granite boulders in Missouri. Alongside their counselors they got the chance to explore these amazing rocks and check out the view of the Missouri valley.

Some of the Mustangs went on a nature hike, while others went paddle boarding. The Stallion groups got to try caving and horseback riding

In the afternoon, the Ponies went canoeing on the river, the Mustangs went paddling boarding or tubing while the Stallions went kayaking or pontoon floating.Then after we all had our fun on the river, we had a giant swimming party on the river.

A big hit of the day was fishing! So many fish were caught in the pond!

Jordan caught a big fish this morning at the pond. Chris, MiMike, Bizzie, Alan, Gabriel and Camella all caught fish too!

At flagpole, we heard lots of stories about the days adventures and triumphs.

Cecelia was nervous about getting up on the horse but all the M2 girls and boys gave her some loved and helped her get up there

Meili talked about how Aniyah worked on swimming in the river with the help of her counselors even tho she was scared.

John talked about how Gabe was nervous to go horse back riding, but was brave and got on the horse anyways. 

Lei Lei was nervous about going into the cave but her cabin convinced her to try it and she went though the whole cave! 

MiMike helped wipe down tables in the cafeteria for a mess he didn’t even make. 

The evening program for tonight was the beach party! Everyone had a chance to splish and splash in the river. The CITs hosted the beach party at the river and did a fantastic job!

Campers jumped and splashed in the river. They floated in their lifejackets down the river and then walked back up to do it again. Other campers worked on their swimming skills with their counselors. Haleigh and Aniyah worked hard to improve their swimming skills.

We all enjoyed the special treat of s'mores down by the river as well!

As the sun went down, the final splashes faded away and everyone headed back to their cabins.

Tuesday at MCBC

Publish Date: Jul 30, 2019

On Tuesday morning, we all gathered together to raise the flag to start our day.

Today's quote is:

LOVE is patient - Love is kind

It does not envy

It does not boast

It is not proud

It is not rude

It is not self-seeking

It is not easily angered

Keeps no record of wrongs

Does not delight in evil

REJOICES with the truth

Always protects

Always trusts

Always hopes

Always perseveres 

Never Fails

P1 boys put up the flag for us this morning and M2 boys lowered it for us this evening.

Some of the Mustangs went kayaking on the river while others got the chance to do ropes this morning.

Just a few of the fun things the Ponies did included swimming in the river and hanging out in some comfy hammocks while also getting to cook tacos and pineapple upsidedown cake outside. Some of the Stallion groups got to try paddling boarding while others tried archery and the ropes course.

The group of Stallions who went caving today had a great time! They got to climb and crawl through a cave with head lamps. They even saw bats in the cave! The campers even turned their headlamps off in the cave and listened to a local spooky tale in the dark!

M2 Boys and M2 Girls both won the clean cabin award for the day.

At evening flagpole, campers and counselors had the chance to share stories from their day that related back to the quote of the day.

Fitz talked about how all the girls in S1 went horseback ridding and encouraged each other to all the pet the horses. Aniyah let others go ahead of her at ropes and helped to belay other campers. Sigrid talked about how Camella overcame her fear of snakes and pet three snakes at nature. Nick from Taum Sauk talked about how much he enjoyed seeing everyone smile on the river today.

For Evening Activity, we had our EXTRAVAGANZA! Campers were split into teams  or families and then headed out to take on five fun activities.

One activity was  sunset yoga with Pickle and Heather. As the sun set, everyone got the chance to stretch out their muscles and breathe deeply, reflecting on another amazing day at camp. At trivia, campers worked took turns answering trivia questions. They also could name items that feel into a certain category in three seconds or less such as three things you do at recess, three things that fly and three things that you can eat. At Puzzle Pazooza, the families worked to solve four different puzzles as a team and then when they were done, everyone worked together to work on the big puzzle. 

At our very own The Masked Counselor, teams had to guess just which of their counselors was behind the screen by asking questions and listening to the clues. There were giant laughs and cheers as Becky, Big Shawn and Nick were revealed as the counselors. During the Moment to Own it Games, D-Rod and Axe led the families through a series of obstacle course relays where everyone had to work as a team. 

After the fun evening, everyone headed for bed, happy and excited to have another day of camp fun to look forward to on Tuesday.

Monday at MCBC

Publish Date: Jul 29, 2019

This marvelous Monday morning started out when we all met at the flagpole to raise the flag. We oohed and ahhed as Uncle Larry was gifted a brand new leather bound hallowed Book of Larry to read to us from it's wisdom.

Today's quote is "Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…it’s learning to Dance in the Rain!"

It was a bit drizzley this morning, but like our quote of the day says, we are dancing in the rain.

At MCBC, our youngest group of camper are our Ponies, the middle age group are our Mustangs and the oldest campers are our Stallions. 

The Ponies and Mustangs had a turn to try out archery and ropes. One group of Stallions went caving and got to explore one of Missouri's many caves. Stallions got to try riflerly and archery and arts and crafts.

The Pony and Mustang campers also got to go to the nature shed and they got to hold snakes. They were so brave! Two snakes in the nature shed are even burn survivors themselves!

Stallion campers had so much fun getting to meet and ride some of the horses at Taum Sauk.

At evening flagpole, we had the chance to reflect on our day and tell stories about moments from the day that exemplified today's quote of the day from the Book of Larry that we heard at morning flagpole.

Emilio talked about how Emily who was scared of snakes went to nature and held the snakes despite her fears.

Mudsak talked about how Tina faced her fears of horses and got on a horse today. She also faced her fear of heights and did the giant swing and high ropes element. 

Mad dog talked about Aniyah did the balance beam on high ropes and persevered on to the ropes element at the end. 

Grayson talked about Deyvion didn’t want to go on high ropes at all but by the end he climbed all the way up the ladder and did the course!

TP talked about how his cabin faced their fears of horses and all fed and pet the horses this morning. 

Aniyah talked about how Hayleigh was scared to touch the snake but she was brave and she did.

For Evening Activity, the Ponies and Mustangs had Carnival Night while the Stallions participated in Task Party.

At Carnival Night, the Pony and Mustang campers had the chance to search through trunks of silly dress up clothes to find an outfit they loved. There were tons of items such as giant sunglasses, wigs, silly shoes, bright shirts, plaid pants and Halloween costumes to choose from.

Campers had the chance to pick from a variety of fun games such as getting glitter tattoos, playing giant Jenga and giant Connect 4, washers and tic tac toe with bean bags. There was also music playing for a dance party.

At Task Party, the Stallions had the chance to flex their creative muscles by solving a series of tasks in teams by using a bunch of material around them such as tin foil, streamers, paper and sand shovels.

Some of the tasks our campers did included rock, paper scissors, getting the whole group to quiet down, giving 5 people a hug, dancing crazy, pretending to be on the Titanic and all sorts of other silly, fun things.

Everyone headed for bed, happy and excited to have another day of camp fun to look forward to on Tuesday.

Sunday at MCBC

Publish Date: Jul 28, 2019

A cheer rang out across camp as the buses arrived with our wonderful campers this afternoon. Everyone arrived safely and ready for a week of fun!

Counselors held welcome signs and cheered on the campers as the came off the buses. Camp came alive with the sounds of old friends reuniting and new friends being made.

This summer's theme at MCBC is "We Are Family" and we are so excited to start our Midwest Children's Burn Camp family reunion. This is our 23rd summer here at Midwest Children's Burn Camp!

In the afternoon, campers got settled in their cabins and had the chance to cool off in the pool and do their swim tests.

We had a special flag ceremony this evening with an Honor Guard ceremony performed by Galen, Mudsak and Big Shawn. Campers got to learn about why we fold the flag the way we do and what each fold represents.

After a delicious meal of pasta, salad and garlic bread, we all joined together for some silly ice breakers. In a circle we tried to all follow directions such as "jump left" and "jump right" while sometimes saying or doing the opposite thing.

What a wonderful evening we had getting to know one another by talking about who inspires us, our favorite candy, what we are excited for at camp and what makes us nervous with our camp family.

After the games, we all headed out to our opening campfire. We walked down to the river and past the horses we will soon be riding at horseback riding. Campers clapped and cheered as their cabin counselors were introduced to the group. Campers and counselors all

With the setting sun, everyone headed back to their cabins to get a good night's sleep before our first full day of camp fun on Monday.