Helping Others in Uncertain Times

Published March 30, 2020


At this time of uncertainty amid the COVID-19 crisis, I hope you and your loved ones are doing well and are in good health. Soon, we will hear stories of good people working together to help their neighbor and overcome this new pandemic. 

As we look for ways to help others, here are some guidelines to consider:

  • Monitor and follow health guidelines. A good place to start is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.
  • Be a non-anxious presence. Your calmness can help put others at ease.
  • Make the most of social media platforms.
  • Listen in compassion. People need to talk as they cope with this crisis.
  • Help others to take the long view. This too shall pass.
  • Keep values alive. Kindness. Compassion. Hope.
  • Turn off the news every now and then. Go for a walk.  Care for yourself.

COVID-19 is a respiratory illness caused by a new virus. Health professionals are learning more with each passing day. As with any infectious disease, hygiene practices such as frequent and thorough handwashing, covering coughs, and not touching your face remain the most effective ways to stop its transmission. Social distancing is also considered essential at this time.

Burns Recovered is committed to the safety of the children, adults and families that we serve. New methods of care are being utilized, including virtual support groups. We remain hopeful that Midwest Children’s Burn Camp will occur as scheduled. With the well-being of our campers and their families as our first priority, we continue to monitor this pandemic and will adjust if needed.

Wishing you peace and all good,

Brian Moeller

Executive Director