Youth Fire Prevention

Youth fire setting is a serious, dangerous, and costly behavior. Children are responsible for almost 50% of all fires deliberately set in the US, and one in four fire deaths is attributed to children playing with fire.
Children experiment with and set fires for various reasons including curiosity, excitement, anger and vandalism. While curiosity is normal, playing with fire is always a dangerous and risky behavior.

The Youth Fire Prevention Team (YFPT) has created a Youth Fire Setter Intervention Program to work with children who display a risk for fire-setting, fire misuse and/or fire-play. Referrals can come from the court, juvenile office, police officers, fire departments, school counselors, a parent, or anyone concerned about a child.

Upon referral, the child and their parent or guardian participate in a risk assessment to help identify a child's level of fire setting behavior. Based on the unique situation of each child, YFPT creates a customized four-hour educational program for the child and his/her significant others to prevent further experimentation with fire.

Our YFPT team includes first responders (fire, police, EMT), juvenile court personnel, social worker, as well as burn survivors. The program is very effective for children at risk.

If you are the court or juvenile office, please download this form and send it to Burns Recovered.

If you are concerned about a child's fire misuse, please contact us at (314) 939-1550. You many also download this form and send it to Burns Recovered.