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Midwest Children's Burn Camp

MCBC dates for 2022:

ALL AGES: Sunday, July 31st to Sunday, August 7th.

Open to children ages 6 to 17 who have experienced burn injury and smoke inhalation injury. Campers attend at no charge thanks to generous community support. Free transportation to camp is provided from St. Louis, Columbia, Springfield and Kansas City. Attendance at camp is subject to medical approval. Contact Us for more information or Apply today to be a Camper.

At Midwest Children’s Burn Camp, youth have new adventures including ropes courses, canoeing, archery, arts and crafts, and lots of dancing! MCBC offers a safe and supportive environment where young burn survivors spend a week with others who have also experienced the trauma of burn injuries. Fun is the focus and friendships form quickly. Burn Camp provides campers with life-long friends to share their journeys with as they get back to living.

Since all campers at this unique camp are survivors of burns, everyone has scars on the outside. Campers learn they are not defined by their "wrapping paper". Emphasis focuses on the beautiful person on the inside, not the scars on the outside. Campers learn a "can do" attitude and experience Fun, Friends and Memories that last a life-time. Camp positively impacts each child's attitude and self-image. It's a chance to have fun without the staring and questions that are too common for burn survivors. "At camp I can put on my swim-suit and not worry about having to answer questions from strangers or re-live my accident." 

Attendance at camp is subject to medical approval. Contact Us for more information or call the Burns Recovered office at (314) 939-1550.  Applications open on February 1st, 2022 - stay tuned for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can attend Midwest Children's Burn Camp?

Where is Midwest Children's Burn Camp?

What is MCBC doing to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission among the camp community while on campus?

What is MCBC's policy on COVID-19 vaccines for 2022?

How much does camp cost?

What about transportation?

Who are the counselors?

What about my child's special dietary or medical needs?

Tell me more about the activities at Midwest Children's Burn Camp!

Who can attend Midwest Children’s Burn Camp?

Midwest Children’s Burn Camp is for any child who lives in the Midwest, ages 6-17, who was treated for a burn injury or smoke inhalation injury.  

Where is Midwest Children’s Burn Camp?

Camp Taum Sauk, 499 Country Road, 368, Lesterville, Missouri 63654.

What is MCBC doing to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission among the camp community while on campus?

As of November 2021, MCBC will continue to practice mitigation strategies such as masking when indoors, washing hands frequently, and health screening.  This is not an exhaustive list and COVID-related practices will likely change prior to the start of the camp session.  Camp leadership will maintain an open channel of communication about these practices and will share updates with caregivers as they become available.

What is MCBC’s policy on COVID-19 vaccines for 2022?

As of December 2021, MCBC will require that all program participants ages 5 and older bring either proof of a full COVID-19 vaccination (first shot(s) + a booster) or proof of a negative PCR test administered no sooner than 72 hours before arriving on the camp site.  Rapid antigen tests, including tests administered at home, will not be accepted.  Please contact the Burns Recovered office at (314) 939-1550 for more questions on this policy.

Camp leadership will maintain an open channel of communication about this policy and will share updates with caregivers as they become available.

How much does this cost?

Nothing. Camp is made possible by generous donations. Campers are only required to bring their own clothing and supplies.

What about transportation?

Charter buses will transport the campers to camp from St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbia, Cape Girardeau, and Springfield. Angel Flight provides free air transportation for children who do not live near a bus departure location.  While at camp, campers are transported to and from off-campus activities on vehicles provided and maintained by Camp Taum Sauk.

Who are the counselors?

Our counselors all have different backgrounds. We have adult burn survivors, firefighters, medical staff, teachers and more. All counselors and staff are thoroughly background checked and appropriately trained for camp.

What about my child’s special dietary or medical needs?

MCBC will have a medical infirmary open 24 hours a day staffed either by our Camp Nurse or a First Responder. This person will dispense medications, change dressings (if necessary), provide first aid, and perform other routine medical duties. If your child is allergic to certain foods or his/her diet is restricted, please let us know before camp, and we can accommodate them. Please let us know if your child takes any medications, which make them more sensitive to sun exposure, or would alter their ability to participate in the activities at camp.

Tell me more about the Activities at Midwest Children’s Burn Camp!

All Camp Activities are facilitated by Camp Taum Sauk staff.  Camp Taum Sauk ( is currently accredited through the American Camping Association and requires activity facilitators to be appropriately trained and licensed in their respective activity areas.  Activities offered at Camp Taum Sauk include:

  • Riflery
  • Archery
  • Arts & Crafts
  • High Ropes Challenge Course
  • Canoeing
  • Nature
  • Hiking

  • River activities (kayaking, tubing, floating, paddle boarding)
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Caving (off-campus for campers 14+)
  • Horseback riding

Campers may go off-campus for activities throughout the week.  For example, campers go to Elephant Rocks as well as a local ice cream parlor.  When activities take place off campus, both MCBC Volunteers and Camp Taum Sauk staff work together to provide appropriate supervision to promote safety and have fun.

In the spirit of helping our campers master challenging environments, we encourage all campers to participate in all offered activities unless the camper’s medical provider or caregiver advises us in writing that it is unsafe to do so.

If you have any questions, please call us at 314-939-1550 or email us at  See you this summer!