The Mission of Burns Recovered is to help every burn survivor live life to the fullest without limitations, fear, or insecurity.


Burns Recovered began in 1983 with a small group of volunteers from the St. John’s Mercy Burn Unit in St. Louis reaching out to support burn survivors.  In 1994, agency programming expanded to include individualized and group peer support for burn survivors throughout the state of Missouri.  In 1997, Midwest Children’s Burn Camp was started to provide a summer camp experience for children ages 6 to 17 who have survived severe burns.  In 2012, a retreat called Changing Times was established for young adult burn survivors, ages 18-25.  It was also at this time that Burns Recovered started to offer financial support for housing and a scholarship fund to financially assist burn survivors with continued education.  Also in 2012, Burns Recovered began an extensive outreach program geared towards schools, senior communities and community organizations to provide information to prevent burn injuries. Today, Burns Recovered continues to offer all of those programs and we have expanded our programming to help burn survivors throughout the Midwest.

Burns Recovered:  Formerly Burns Recovered Support Group

Midwest Children’s Burn Camp:  Formerly Missouri Children’s Burn Camp