Fact Sheet

Burns Recovered (BRSG) was established in 1983 by a group of burn survivors with assistance from the burn care team at Mercy Medical Center in St. Louis, Missouri. We came together because of the compelling need to help burn survivors and their loved ones during and after hospitalization.

A severe burn can be one of the most painful injuries that a human body can suffer, both physically and emotionally. Many families face serious barriers in the recovery from burn injuries, adding to their burden as they work to heal the physical and emotional scars.  Burns Recovered provides tangible and emotional support to cope with and even conquer these challenges.

Burns Recovered (BRSG) provides support for burn survivors and their families as well as community outreach to increase burn awareness and prevent burn injuries.  Our goal is to see every burn survivor live life to the fullest: without limitations, fear, or insecurity. Since 1983, we have provided hope and support for thousands of burn survivors and their loved ones through our peer support program as well as our residential camp for burn injured children. We are honored to partner with survivors, families, health care professionals, burn centers, fire departments, and other support resources, to be an inspiring and liberating resource for burn survivors and their loved ones.  Additionally, since 80% of burns are preventable (American Burn Association), we provide educational outreach to the community to prevent further suffering, injury, and death from burns.

BRSG is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization. Our board of directors includes members from the burn survivor community, first responders, the medical community, the business community and more. Services provided by BRSG are funded by private and public donors, foundation and corporate donations, community organizations, and fundraisers including the annual Fill the Helmet campaign conducted by fire departments all around the state of Missouri.

Special Achievements

  • Founded Midwest Children’s Burn Camp  in 1997, serving children throughout the Midwest coping with serious burn injuries.
  • Development of Peer Support programs in St. Louis and Columbia, MO, providing support for burn survivors by burn survivors;
  • Community Education and Outreach to thousands of youth, seniors, healthcare providers, and the general community to prevent further destruction, injury and death from burn and fire injuries;
  • Holiday support for dozens of burn survivors and their families annually;
  • Tangible support including pressure garments, medical devices, and other assistance for burn survivors;
  • Publication of Beauty Is…, a stunning photo journal with pictures and inspirational stories of hope from 32 burn survivors;
  • Assisted Missouri State Fire Marshal with educational programs for statewide fire departments;
  • Creation of the Youth Fire Prevention Team and the Juvenile Fire Setters Intervention Program;
  • Purchase of Fire Safety Houses for fire departments to provide with fire prevention and educational programs;
  • Financial support for burn centers in hospitals throughout Missouri;
  • Development of a Scholarship Fund to assist burn survivors with higher and continuing education;
  • Sponsored the 1995 World Burn Congress, attended by burn survivors, co-survivors, and medical professionals.