Thursday morning at MCBC started off with a pajama breakfast. The dining hall was full of plaid pj bottoms, fuzzy robes and slippers as everyone got to wear their pjs to breakfast.

Thursday’s quote of the day is “WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE!!! In this house we are real, we make mistakes, we say I’m sorry, we give second chances, we have fun, we give hugs, we forgive, we do really loud, we are patient, we love..”

This morning it was the Mustangs’ turn to explore Elephant Rocks. They had a blast exploring the giant boulders and exclaiming about just how far they could see. The Ponies were very brave out on the ropes course and the Stallions went horseback riding.

In the afternoon, the Ponies did arts and crafts and pontoon floating. The Mustang groups both did archery and one went seining in the creek for macro-invertebrates while the other group went kayaking. One Stallion group went to ropes, while another went river tubing and hung out in hammock village while the last Stallion group went river tubing.

At flagpole, more wonderful stories from the day were shared.

Asa congratulated Tina because she went on the ropes today on her second try despite being afraid of heights 

S2 boys hopped out of their pontoon to help the S2 girls’ boats though spots where they drug and hit rocks

M2 caught a record number of minis on the seining trip

Mustangs went out to Elephant Rocks today and helped each other cross from rock to rock. 

Pony campers had riflery and almost all of them managed to hit the target and several of them got bullseyes. 

For evening program, we all took a trip to get ice cream! We took a wagon ride to get our special treatI The St Louis Firefighters Local 73 generously provided us with this yummy snack! It was a great chance to chat with friends of all ages at camp.

When we got back to camp, each age group had their chance to do their web ceremony. The Web Ceremony is a special time at MCBC where each camper gets a chance to talk about what MCBC means to them and then wrap yarn around their wrist, until everyone is connected in a giant web.

Many campers and counselors will wear their piece of yarn year-round to remind them of the fun, friendship, memories and family they have found here at MCBC.

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