On Saturday we gathered at the flagpole for our last morning flagpole at MCBC 2019.

Our last quote of the day is, “Other things may change us but we start and end with Family…”

We had a busy last day of activities at MCBC.

We heard many stories of triumph and adventures from our last full day of camp. Stallions splashed in the pool and created awesome artistic works at arts and crafts. Mustangs went horseback riding and on a nature hike. The Ponies created a radio show and swam in the pool.

The eight age out Stallions took down the flag and MCBC flag at evening flagpole. It has been amazing to see them grow over their years at MCBC! We hope they all come back at CITs next summer!

Pickle talked about how it can be scary coming to new places and going to a new camp. He said, “It’s not the place, it is the people that make camp.”

For evening program we had our closing campfire and dance.

At the closing campfire, everyone had the chance to pick up a stick to add to the fire. Campers could dedicate their stick to someone or talk about their experience at camp.

After the campfire, everyone headed back out for the big dance. Campers dressed up in their fancy plaid shirts and dresses while counselors dressed up as different families. Music played as we danced our last night of camp away.

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