Friday we awoke with giant smiles because it was everyone’s birthday today. At MCBC, Friday is our Very Merry Unbirthday Lunch.

At lunch, we ate with our guests and visitors and we end our yummy meal with birthday cake. Guest include former campers, donors and family members of campers and friends. It is a happy meal indeed.

For many years the AT&T Pioneers have joined us for our Unbirthday lunch and provided gifts for each and every camper. It truly makes the celebration even more special.

Today’s quote of the day is, “Having someone to love is Family, Having somewhere to go is Home, Having both is a Blessing.”

Before lunch, the Stallions had their turn at Elephant Rocks. They had the chance to explore the rocks and reflect on their week at MCBC. The Ponies went horseback riding and the Mustangs did the ropes course. Everyone had the chance for some cabin family time so they could perfect their acts for the talent show.

At flagpole, we came together as an MCBC family.

Jim praised M2 for all working together at ropes and taking the time to praise on another. 

Camella thanked Jim for giving cooking tips to M1 at cooking.

John talked about how it was a blessing when Tim spent time with the Pony boys fishing.

D-Rod talked about how at high ropes Draven climbed all the way to the top and shimmy across the pole and do the grapevine with some encouragement from Pickle.

Mama Meesh talked about how she has never quite witnessed the magic that fills Taum Sauk until this week with MCBC

At the Talent Show we munched on popcorn and sno cones while we watched our MCBC family members be brave and perform wonderful acts for us. There was lots of singing, dancing, skits and of course smiles and cheers.

There were so many talented acts at the show! Singing, dancing, skits and ribbon dancing. We are so proud of our talented family members!

We are always so proud when our family members put themselves out there and take a risk at the Talent Show!

One thought on “Friday at MCBC

  1. I just love Midwest Children’s Burn Camp! You guys are beyond phenomenal! This is my child’s first camping experience with you all, so of course I was eager, a bit sad, and worried at first oh but now……. I haven’t any worries non whatsoever. I know my child is in the care of good hands. Thank you MCBC! You guys rock!!!

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