Wednesday’s quote of the day is: “If you don’t ask…the answer is always no, If you don’t go after what you want.. You’ll never have it, If you don’t step forward..You’re always in the same spot.”

In the morning, the Ponies went to Elephant Rocks, a natural feature of giant granite boulders in Missouri. Alongside their counselors they got the chance to explore these amazing rocks and check out the view of the Missouri valley.

Some of the Mustangs went on a nature hike, while others went paddle boarding. The Stallion groups got to try caving and horseback riding

In the afternoon, the Ponies went canoeing on the river, the Mustangs went paddling boarding or tubing while the Stallions went kayaking or pontoon floating.Then after we all had our fun on the river, we had a giant swimming party on the river.

A big hit of the day was fishing! So many fish were caught in the pond!

Jordan caught a big fish this morning at the pond. Chris, MiMike, Bizzie, Alan, Gabriel and Camella all caught fish too!

At flagpole, we heard lots of stories about the days adventures and triumphs.

Cecelia was nervous about getting up on the horse but all the M2 girls and boys gave her some loved and helped her get up there

Meili talked about how Aniyah worked on swimming in the river with the help of her counselors even tho she was scared.

John talked about how Gabe was nervous to go horse back riding, but was brave and got on the horse anyways. 

Lei Lei was nervous about going into the cave but her cabin convinced her to try it and she went though the whole cave! 

MiMike helped wipe down tables in the cafeteria for a mess he didn’t even make. 

The evening program for tonight was the beach party! Everyone had a chance to splish and splash in the river. The CITs hosted the beach party at the river and did a fantastic job!

Campers jumped and splashed in the river. They floated in their lifejackets down  the river and then walked back up to do it again. Other campers worked on their swimming skills with their counselors. Haleigh and Aniyah worked hard to improve their swimming skills.

We all enjoyed the special treat of s’mores down by the river as well!

As the sun went down, the final splashes faded away and everyone headed back to their cabins.

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