On Tuesday morning, we all gathered together to raise the flag to start our day.

Today’s quote is:

LOVE is patient – Love is kind

It does not envy

It does not boast

It is not proud

It is not rude

It is not self-seeking

It is not easily angered

Keeps no record of wrongs

Does not delight in evil

REJOICES with the truth

Always protects

Always trusts

Always hopes

Always perseveres 

Never Fails

P1 boys put up the flag for us this morning and M2 boys lowered it for us this evening.

Some of the Mustangs went kayaking on the river while others got the chance to do ropes this morning.

Just a few of the fun things the Ponies did included swimming in the river and hanging out in some comfy hammocks while also getting to cook tacos and pineapple upsidedown cake outside. Some of the Stallion groups got to try paddling boarding while others tried archery and the ropes course.

The group of Stallions who went caving today had a great time! They got to climb and crawl through a cave with head lamps. They even saw bats in the cave! The campers even turned their headlamps off in the cave and listened to a local spooky tale in the dark!

M2 Boys and M2 Girls both won the clean cabin award for the day.

At evening flagpole, campers and counselors had the chance to share stories from their day that related back to the quote of the day.

Fitz talked about how all the girls in S1 went horseback ridding and encouraged each other to all the pet the horses. Aniyah let others go ahead of her at ropes and helped to belay other campers. Sigrid talked about how Camella overcame her fear of snakes and pet three snakes at nature. Nick from Taum Sauk talked about how much he enjoyed seeing everyone smile on the river today.

For Evening Activity, we had our EXTRAVAGANZA! Campers were split into teams  or families and then headed out to take on five fun activities.

One activity was  sunset yoga with Pickle and Heather. As the sun set, everyone got the chance to stretch out their muscles and breathe deeply, reflecting on another amazing day at camp. At trivia, campers worked took turns answering trivia questions. They also could name items that feel into a certain category in three seconds or less such as three things you do at recess, three things that fly and three things that you can eat. At Puzzle Pazooza, the families worked to solve four different puzzles as a team and then when they were done, everyone worked together to work on the big puzzle. 

At our very own The Masked Counselor, teams had to guess just which of their counselors was behind the screen by asking questions and listening to the clues. There were giant laughs and cheers as Becky, Big Shawn and Nick were revealed as the counselors. During the Moment to Own it Games, D-Rod and Axe led the families through a series of obstacle course relays where everyone had to work as a team. 

After the fun evening, everyone headed for bed, happy and excited to have another day of camp fun to look forward to on Tuesday.

One thought on “Tuesday at MCBC

  1. Amazing pictures!! Warms my heart to see so many smiling faces!
    Much appreciation to everyone who volunteers their time for all these kids, including two of my own!!

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