This marvelous Monday morning started out when we all met at the flagpole to raise the flag. We oohed and ahhed as Uncle Larry was gifted a brand new leather bound hallowed Book of Larry to read to us from it’s wisdom.

Today’s quote is “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…it’s learning to Dance in the Rain!”

It was a bit drizzley this morning, but like our quote of the day says, we are dancing in the rain.

At MCBC, our youngest group of camper are our Ponies, the middle age group are our Mustangs and the oldest campers are our Stallions. 

The Ponies and Mustangs had a turn to try out archery and ropes. One group of Stallions went caving and got to explore one of Missouri’s many caves. Stallions got to try riflerly and archery and arts and crafts.

The Pony and Mustang campers also got to go to the nature shed and they got to hold snakes. They were so brave! Two snakes in the nature shed are even burn survivors themselves!

Stallion campers had so much fun getting to meet and ride some of the horses at Taum Sauk.

At evening flagpole, we had the chance to reflect on our day and tell stories about moments from the day that exemplified today’s quote of the day from the Book of Larry that we heard at morning flagpole.

Emilio talked about how Emily who was scared of snakes went to nature and held the snakes despite her fears.

Mudsak talked about how Tina faced her fears of horses and got on a horse today. She also faced her fear of heights and did the giant swing and high ropes element. 

Mad dog talked about Aniyah did the balance beam on high ropes and persevered on to the ropes element at the end. 

Grayson talked about Deyvion didn’t want to go on high ropes at all but by the end he climbed all the way up the ladder and did the course!

TP talked about how his cabin faced their fears of horses and all fed and pet the horses this morning. 

Aniyah talked about how Hayleigh was scared to touch the snake but she was brave and she did.

For Evening Activity, the Ponies and Mustangs had Carnival Night while the Stallions participated in Task Party.

At Carnival Night, the Pony and Mustang campers had the chance to search through trunks of silly dress up clothes to find an outfit they loved. There were tons of items such as giant sunglasses, wigs, silly shoes, bright shirts, plaid pants and Halloween costumes to choose from.

Campers had the chance to pick from a variety of fun games such as getting glitter tattoos, playing giant Jenga and giant Connect 4, washers and tic tac toe with bean bags. There was also music playing for a dance party.

At Task Party, the Stallions had the chance to flex their creative muscles by solving a series of tasks in teams by using a bunch of material around them such as tin foil, streamers, paper and sand shovels.

Some of the tasks our campers did included rock, paper scissors, getting the whole group to quiet down, giving 5 people a hug, dancing crazy, pretending to be on the Titanic and all sorts of other silly, fun things.

Everyone headed for bed, happy and excited to have another day of camp fun to look forward to on Tuesday.


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