Wednesday Fun at MCBC

Wednesday morning the Pony boys raised the flag to get our morning started. Uncle Larry brought out his hallowed Book of Larry and gave us today’s word of the day: proactive.

The sun shone brightly all day as we ran around camp having fun at our activities. Stallions spent the morning challenging themselves at high ropes. Campers climbed up the cargo net and rock wall. Cambers used ropes to cross a tightrope and swung from ring to ring like monkeys. Victor climbed up the firecracker ladder and was only the 3rd person to complete it this whole summer at camp Sabra. Campers worked in pairs to climb Jacob’s Ladder and walked across a bridge high above in the air.

It was amazing to watch the care and concern from the campers on the ground as they clapped, cheered and encouraged their friends onwards.

Mustangs and Ponies had a blast at Top Chef. Campers were given a box of ingredients and worked together to prepare a main course and a meal. Some of the items in the box included: potatoes, apples, Pringles, hot dogs and even oatmeal. The creations were judged and winners were declared based on taste and presentation.

There was also time spent splashing in the pool with friends. Lilly showed off her green swim bracelet and said, “When people ask me how I know to swim so good, I tell them I learned at Burn Camp!”

Camper Meili said with a big smile on her face, “I’m so glad I came to this camp!”

Campers broke into groups for our evening program and traveled around camp to different activities during our Game Show night. They had the chance to do some quiet and calm relaxation at Yoga. There was also karaoke down at Inspiration Point, which of course included the singing of our camp song. At Family Feud, campers got the chance to play the MCBC version of this classic game show. Campers also had the chance to play a giant dodge ball-like game. We also had the chance to play a fun game of Plink-o.

It was a great evening of fun to cap off a wonderful day of fun, family and friends at MCBC.

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