With patriotic headbands, the Pony girls raised the flag to start off our terrific Thursday at MCBC.

Uncle Larry pulled out his Book of Larry and read the word of the day for us: Organize Priorities.

The Pony campers took on the high ropes course. We were so proud of our brave, youngest campers because each boy and girl tried an element. Lilly made it halfway up the rock wall this year!

Mustangs had a blast hanging on the tube as they went tubing around the lake. At Nature, Susana led everyone on a hike and then we made nature bracelets with fun things we found outside.

G17 and B4 won clean cabin award, and we cheered them on at lunch.

At flag pole we talked about our words of the day: Organize Priorities. Hattie talked about how Cecelia made sure everyone in the cabin had a job in taking down the flag. The girls of G17 supported a new camper. Campers Camella made a deal with first-year camper Aadie that she would go down the slide if Aadie went tubing. They had a blast at both activities.

Susana talked about how at nature, multiple campers stepped up and led a session on sedimentary rock. The oldest Stallions made it a priority to work on their senior project instead of going to the pool. They are building benches for the pergola out by high ropes for all of camp to enjoy. The Stallion boys of S3 took the initative to go into the cabins of the younger male Stallions and talk to them about the importance of being leaders at camp.

In the evening we had our Pool Party organized by our amazing CITs. There was a big splash contest, hula hooping contest and even a limbo contest.


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