Terrific Tuesday Fun at MCBC

This morning we woke to our first full day at MCBC. Cabin B4 raised the flag and got our day started.

The Book of Larry made its inaugural summer debut to choruses of “oohs” and “ahhs” from the campers and staff. Throughout the year, Uncle Larry travels the Woods of Kirk, Hills of Maple, Cities of Jefferson and Woods of Oak to collect words of the day.

Today’s words of the day are: End Vision and Mutual Victory.

We are now even more ready to Party in the USA with our pink, blue, orange, yellow and green tinted party glasses thanks to Lake Area Firefighters Local 3987!

John O’Leary from Live Inspired visited with campers and staff and shared his burn survivor story after breakfast.

“We have to have a brave, bold vision for what we are going to do in our lives,” O’Leary told campers.

Many campers had wonderful, insightful questions for O’Leary such as, “Were you able to drive?” “What was your recovery like?” and “Did you ever feel like giving up?”

O’Leary left the campers with an inspirational message that they are incredibly loved and absolutely wonderful human beings.

During the morning, Ponies and Mustangs took on low ropes. Campers worked together to swing from tire swing to tire swing. At another activity, they stood on a teeter totter platform and worked to balance it long enough to sing the ABCs. Campers also had the chance to swing on a rope swing, do trust falls and even climb a wall!

Mustang girls used planks to create an elevated path across the ground the Mustang boys worked as a team by standing on the maze so they could navigate a ball into the hole at the end. It was great to see everyone learning about each other and communicating with one another.

At flagpole, we revisited our words of the day: mutual victory and endvision.

Emilio spoke about how the girls of G17 were up and ready for flagpole as a unit this morning and did not need any reminders. TP talked about how the Mustang boys were able to complete the maze in just a minute and 56 seconds. He also talked about how a camper was able to face his fear of the lake with the help of his fellow campers and counselors. Mike talked about how Trenton was able to direct his team to get the hook lined up perfectly to complete a low ropes course. Meagan talked about how proud she was that all the Pony girls did the trust fall.

In the afternoon, the Stallions did low ropes. As a team, Stallion groups walked across the dining hall using a giant pair of wooden skis. They used hollow tubing to move a marble across the room, each camper holding on to one link and moving to the end of the line to help keep the marble rolling. Campers also cracked the combinations on a series of locks attached to a rope. The whole time, campers were getting to know their fellow campers and learning communication skills.

For dinner, everyone had a cookout! The Ponies and Mustangs had Carnival Night while the Stallions had an Escape Room up at Masada. In small groups, Stallion campers worked together to “break out” by solving riddles and puzzles. It was a great way to put the communication skills they gained at low ropes to use.

Mustang and Pony campers had the chance to get their faces painted and get glitter tattoos. They also got to play fun games like life-size tic-tac-toe, bottle flipping and giant ring toss. There were happy smiles all around as the sun and campers headed to bed so we could rest up for another great day of fun.

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