Splendid Saturday at MCBC

We awoke to our last full day at camp and headed to flag pole confused at how such a wonderful week could go by so quickly!

Uncle Larry pulled out the Book of Larry and told us that Saturday’s words of the day are: empathetic listening and recharge.

A flagpole, we were still in awe of our brave and talented campers. The words of Stallion camper Isabella were in many of our minds. After dancing her heart out at the Talent Show, she said, “I really didn’t want to come up here, but with you guys cheering me on, I just want to thank you because you inspire me to do more.”

The Stallions all got the chance to go on the zipline and prepped the Ponies about how fun it is to fly through the air like birds and planes. The Pony campers were SO brave when their turns came and it was delightful to hear their squeal and giggles as many of them discovered the fun of zipline for the first time.

We enjoyed the afternoon with our cabins doing fun activities for the last time this summer, soaking in the love of our camp family.

After dinner we had our closing campfire and twig ceremony. At the twig ceremony, campers have the opportunity to toss a stick into our campfire and dedicate it to someone special or talk about how camp is special to them.

Afterwards we partied in the USA at our camp dance. Campers and counselors had a blast singing, getting fun face paint and dancing the night away.

It has been a truly terrific week at our home away from home. All the counselors and staff at MCBC hope you carry the love of camp with your throughout this next year and we are already counting down the days until our next family reunion on the peninsula.

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