Kicking off this Party in the USA

We were SO excited when the buses full of our amazing, strong and resilient campers rolled into camp today! Cheers, cowbells and lots of clapping filled the camp as our family reunion began on the peninsula. Our theme this summer is Party in the USA.

After lunch, everyone took their swim test in the pool, and then had a chance to cool off from the heat and splash around. Pony campers had a blast floating in inner tubes, jumping in and of course, splashing their counselors. Mustangs campers were playing basketball and taking turns climbing the rock wall. Stallions enjoyed having the chance to chat and reconnect while floating at the pool and batting around a 6-foot inflatable patriotic beachball.

The Ponies went tubing and were so brave! Every one of them got out there on the lake in the tube. Campers Juliana and Meili worked together to support each other on the tube so they could both take turns standing up!

After a wonderful afternoon of splashing and fun, we ate hamburgers for dinner and then played all sorts of fun get-to-know-you games. Campers broke into groups and worked as a team to blow bubbles all the way from one side of the dining hall to the other to get it into a hoop. In pairs, counselors and campers worked together to use a piece of fettuccine to move a soda can across the dining hall. In big circles, groups stepped through a hula hoop to pass it all the way around the circle.

At Inspiration Point, we had our Opening Campfire and we introduced our MCBC and A-team staff for this week of camp fun. Counselor Shawn entertained us all with his predictions for counselors as the camp swami. With the setting sun, we sang our camp song and then turned in for a good night’s sleep so we will have energy for our first full day of camp fun!

2 thoughts on “Kicking off this Party in the USA

  1. Looks like u guys r having so much fun…what deal for these kids, I am Nate Steward’s Aunt…

  2. I am so happy to see my sweet great nephew Deyvion in these pictures and to see the priceless look of pure joy and fun on his face ! These kids deserve the fun and self confidence you all help to inspire ! Thank you for providing this camp for these kiddos !!

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